Harbor Fundraiser Benefits Healthcare Workers

Funds originally raised in a GoFundMe campaign to support the Channel Islands Harbor’s July 4th Fireworks Show have been donated to purchase protective equipment and supplies for Ventura County healthcare workers.

The Channel Islands Harbor Lessees Association launched a GoFundMe campaign early this year to support the Harbor’s 4th of July event. Nearly $5,000 was raised, but the event was canceled in March amid the coronavirus outbreak. Donations to the GoFundMe campaign were refunded after donors were notified that the 4th of July event was canceled. The remainder of the funds, $1,980, will now be donated to the Ventura County Community Foundation, which is the steward of all contributions toward COVID-related private assistance.

Lessees Association President James Jones praised those who had voluntarily left their original contributions in the special fundraising account for the new purpose. 

“These local residents actually contributed twice:  first to the cause of saving the fireworks show, and then when that couldn’t happen, they made the second decision to decline a refund so that their money could go to support the COVID responders,” Jones said. “This is grass-roots community support, and we applaud their high level of commitment.”

The Channel Islands Harbor Lessees Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of the harbor and the businesses which operate there.

Editor’s Note: this story was published on May 21, 2020.