Video Transcript

00:00 [Music]
00:03 we had a
00:04 joint fundraiser today at fisherman's
00:06 wharf the
00:08 harbor beach community alliance teamed
00:10 up with the harvard apartment
00:11 to have a toy slash food drive
00:18 reason we're doing this food and toy
00:20 drive it's
00:21 because so many people this year are
00:24 really it's a challenging time
00:25 and this community wants to help
00:33 well the volunteers are are here because
00:36 they want to help and make this event a
00:40 success
00:42 these volunteers to be honest with you
00:44 are many of the volunteers you see every
00:46 day
00:47 doing other things these are not
00:49 one-time volunteers these are people who
00:50 really give to the community
01:00 amazing everybody here underestimated
01:03 how how well we do
01:05 the amount of food the amount of toys we
01:07 had to come and get
01:08 the fire department to make two trips
01:10 during the day and fill up a band with
01:12 toys
01:13 and just probably 30 barrels of food
01:23 welcome to toy central we just really
01:26 wanted to thank you for all of your
01:27 donations your time
01:28 and the event because of you we were
01:30 able to collect over 65 bags of toys
01:33 meaning that more than 2 000 kiddos in
01:35 ventura county are going to get
01:36 christmas
01:37 yay thank you and happy holidays happy
01:40 holidays thank you so much
01:42 thank you so much to the channel islands
01:44 harbor and the community
01:45 for this amazing support for foodshare
01:47 this could be the biggest community food
01:49 drive i've ever seen in foodshare
01:51 history
01:52 thank you so much
01:54 [Music]

Ventura County families in need will receive much-needed food and toys this holiday season thanks to the Holiday Food & Toy Drive hosted this past weekend at Fisherman’s Wharf in the Channel Island Harbor.

An estimated 2,200 toys were collected to benefit the Spark of Love Toy Drive and more than 5,000 lbs of non-perishable food and money donations of nearly $14,000 were given to benefit the Food Share of Ventura County. The money donations alone will provide over 41,000 meals.

“Thank you so much to the Channel Islands Harbor and the community for this amazing support for Food Share,” said Jennifer Caldwell, Food Share’s Chief Development Officer. “This could be the biggest community food drive I’ve ever seen in Food Share history.”

Ventura County Fire Department Public Information Officer Brian McGrath said the efforts at the Channel Islands Harbor will help benefit at least 2,000 families in Ventura County.

“We couldn’t be more appreciated of the Channel Islands Harbor and all communities throughout Ventura County who have donated toys that will go to those families most in need,” McGrath said. “For their first toy drive, the Harbor community really exceeded expectations.”

On Saturday, Dec. 12, the Ventura County Harbor Department and the Harbor & Beach Community Alliance (HBCA) teamed up to host the first Channel Islands Harbor Holiday Food & Toy Drive.

During the event, donations were accepted at a drop off location at Fisherman’s Wharf by dozens of HBCA and community volunteers, Harbor Department staff, and fire department volunteers.

“Thanks to the efforts of all the volunteers, the Holiday Food & Toy Drive was a huge success,” said Rene Aiu, HBCA member. “We live in a great and generous community. There were so many great heart felt stories from people and even children saying why they came to give. What wonderful experiences we got to share.”

Harbor Department Director Mark Sandoval said he couldn’t be more happy with the outcome.

“This event was amazing,” Director Sandoval said. “Everyone involved in the planning underestimated how well we would do. The community and volunteers really stepped up to help deliver what we hope will be joy and great memories for families in need this holiday season.”

Editor's Note: this story was published on December 14, 2020.