Channel Islands Harbor Lessees Association

About the Harbor Lessees Association

The Channel Islands Harbor Lessees Association is a private, non-profit organization chartered to bolster the prosperity of the business community at the harbor. Its membership consists of the 15-20 business entities which hold ground leases from the County of Ventura, encompassing all of the commercial and residential development around the waterfront, and which are therefore the principal private investors in the future prosperity of the harbor.

The activities of the Association typically fall into the areas of marketing and advocacy.  Marketing activities try to showcase the many facets of the harbor as a whole, in concert with the County’s own marketing program.  And the Association tries to stay linked in with local Chamber of Commerce promotions and activities, to maintain strong ties with the Oxnard business community.  In terms of advocacy, the Association supports projects which will benefit the harbor when they are under consideration by public approval bodies, like the Oxnard City Council, County Board of Supervisors, and California Coastal Commission.

Officers of the Association Board of Directors


Victor Dollar
Brighton Management


Vincenza Simo
Suntex Marinas


Steve Kinney
Executive Director

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