Channel Islands Harbor Visioning

Channel Islands Harbor Visioning Report

A visioning process that will help shape development in the County of Ventura-managed Channel Islands Harbor has reached its conclusion.

At the June 22, 2021 Board of Supervisors meeting, Ventura County Harbor Department Director Mark Sandoval, on behalf of the Channel Islands Harbor Visioning Steering Committee, presented the Channel Islands Harbor Vision Report.

“I would like to thank the Steering Committee and the hundreds of residents who provided feedback throughout the entire process,” Director Sandoval said. “We worked diligently to be clear in this report as to what community members have said they want, and reconcile it with what our experience has led us to believe is likely attainable since the Harbor functions as a financially self-supporting ‘enterprise.’  I believe there are opportunities to meet all objectives.”

Visioning Committee Mission Statement

The Channel Islands Harbor Visioning Committee, aided by a professional urban planning and economic development team and extensive public input, will create a master Vision Plan which will provide the framework for development in the Harbor for the next few decades.

About the Channel Islands Harbor Visioning Process

What will the Channel Islands Harbor be when it grows up?  That is the question which will be evaluated as part of a new Channel Islands Harbor Visioning Process which is getting underway.

The County of Ventura is pleased to announce that it has selected a distinguished team of urban planning consultants, real estate economists, coastal policy experts, and public engagement specialists  to lead this public visioning process for the future of Channel Islands Harbor. This team, led by Sargent Town Planning, will work closely with a diverse steering committee tasked with overseeing the process. The steering committee comprises representatives from the County of Ventura, the City of Oxnard, the Harbor business community, and residential representatives.

“We applaud the Harbor Department for opening and expanding its planning and development process to include this open, public, up-front visioning process for the Harbor,” Sargent said.  “All great places and great cities were created starting with a clear vision of the future place and intended outcomes for its people, and a clear plan crafted to ensure that each new development project and each new public improvement contribute to the community’s vision for a unique and resilient place of long-term value.  It is critically important that the Harbor – a unique and rare public asset – provide strong, growing and enduring value to the local coastal community, to the City of Oxnard and neighboring cities, to investors and businesses, and to the County of Ventura, which is both a governing agency and the land owner of the Harbor.”

Residents interested in participating in upcoming Channel Islands Harbor Visioning meetings, engagement opportunities, or monitoring visioning progress will be able to stay up-to-date by visiting this website, which will be monitored and regularly updated by the Sargent Town Planning team. Please also subscribe below to our mailing list to receive updates as the planning team and steering committee begin crafting this process.

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Community Engagement

In case you missed it, you can take the Visioning Survey here. Please note that it is different from the Workshop polling.

Watch the January Visioning Workshop Below!

Video Transcript

00:02 good evening
00:04 i have met many of you but for those of
00:06 you who do not know me
00:07 i'm mark sandoval harbor director for
00:10 the ventura county channel
00:12 channel islands harbor i thank you for
00:15 taking the time to join us this evening
00:17 we have nearly 600 registered tonight
00:19 and i am very heartened to see this
00:21 level
00:22 of interest in the development of the
00:23 channel islands harbor
00:25 it is very important that we plan and
00:27 proceed with harbor development which is
00:29 widely supported and creates an exciting
00:32 vibrant harbor
00:33 which meets the financial objectives of
00:35 the county and the city of oxnard
00:39 so how do we get here the harbor was
00:41 created in the mid-1960s as a county
00:43 property
00:45 it was annexed to the city of oxnard in
00:47 1963
00:49 and part of that annexation agreement
00:51 included a stipulation that the county
00:54 would continue to direct
00:55 and oversee the development of the
00:57 harbor
00:58 at the outset the county made a decision
01:01 that the harbor must be
01:02 operated as an enterprise which means
01:04 that the costs associated with operating
01:06 and maintaining the harbor
01:08 must come solely from the revenues
01:10 generated by the harbor
01:12 with no county general fund subsidy
01:15 this is a very important mandate as we
01:17 proceed with visioning and planning for
01:19 harbor development
01:21 in order to accomplish this the county
01:23 decided to develop the harbor through
01:25 long-term ground leases
01:27 utilizing private developers to build in
01:30 and around the harbor
01:31 a strategy called pay as you go by the
01:34 first harbor director tom bulk
01:37 but for decades this strategy was
01:38 successful as the harbor was developed
01:40 with marinas
01:42 hotels residential complexes and a
01:45 myriad of marine related and visitor
01:47 serving retail and commercial
01:49 in the early 2000s the harbor reached a
01:52 point where the initial development was
01:54 starting to age
01:55 and competing regional development led
01:58 to the decline of the popularity of the
02:00 harbor
02:01 a number of the lessees simply walked
02:03 away from their releases
02:04 including those operating the casa
02:06 serena hotel
02:08 fisherman's wharf and the whale's tail
02:10 restaurant
02:11 the process utilized by the harvard
02:14 department for development and
02:15 redevelopment
02:16 which as i indicated to work for decades
02:19 included initial project planning
02:21 and then the identification of
02:23 developers for development
02:25 and then public outreach to obtain other
02:28 agency and public input
02:31 next slide please in 2015
02:36 as a proposed fisherman's wharf project
02:38 was moving through the process
02:40 a group of residents recommended a new
02:42 development planning process
02:44 which included upfront public visioning
02:46 for harbor development
02:48 before a developer was identified and
02:50 the development was designed
02:53 now this flow chart that you're looking
02:54 at was developed by werner keller and
02:56 lorraine ephras
02:57 and it illustrates the first part of the
03:00 process
03:01 and as you can see visioning is right in
03:02 the center of it
03:04 in 2019 we adopted this new process
03:07 which brings us here tonight
03:09 now we currently have a number of harbor
03:11 parcels which are either
03:13 undeveloped or under short-term leases
03:15 for which new development needs to be
03:17 considered
03:19 these parcels are the subject of this
03:21 visioning you will see tonight
03:23 next slide please
03:26 now in line with the visioning component
03:28 of our new harbor planning and
03:30 development process we began visioning
03:32 for new harbor development last june
03:34 since the process is designed to be
03:36 inclusive it seemed important to develop
03:38 a
03:39 diverse steering committee which we did
03:41 the steering committee includes one
03:43 county supervisor
03:44 initially it was kelly long who is very
03:47 active in the harbor including rowing
03:49 and this year it's now matt levier who
03:52 has shown great interest in the harbor
03:54 and is excited to be part of this
03:55 process
03:57 representing the city of oxnard is
03:59 ashley golden the assistant city manager
04:02 steve kenney is the executive director
04:04 of the channel islands harbor lessee
04:06 association
04:07 representing harbor businesses andre
04:10 keller
04:10 is a chair of the channel islands
04:11 neighborhood council and has been
04:13 extremely engaged in providing
04:15 out-of-the-box ideas for the harbor
04:18 rene iu represents the harbor beach
04:20 community alliance
04:22 a large group of residents who have been
04:24 closely engaged with harbor development
04:26 and who are very passionate about seeing
04:28 the harbor developed in the right manner
04:31 frank laza is a resident and harbor
04:33 business owner
04:34 christina brewer is a silver strand
04:36 beach resident and
04:37 is on the board of the channel islands
04:39 beach community district
04:41 tom peterson is a harbor resident
04:43 business owner
04:44 and one of the most active captains in
04:46 and around the harbor
04:48 bernard coomer and carol taylor are
04:49 residents who have brought passion and a
04:51 variety of skills to the process
04:53 marilyn miller is the harvard department
04:55 director of planning and development
04:57 and myself round out the steering
04:59 committee
05:01 i want to publicly thank these
05:02 individuals for all the work that they
05:04 have put in but more importantly for the
05:06 ideas and passion they have brought to
05:07 the process
05:09 we have developed a mission statement
05:12 which is the channel islands harbor
05:13 visioning committee
05:15 aided by a professional urban planning
05:17 and economic development team
05:19 and extensive public input will create a
05:22 master vision plan which will provide
05:24 the framework for development in the
05:25 harbor for the next few decades
05:27 next slide in an effort to provide
05:31 professional expertise and overall
05:33 management of the visioning process we
05:35 hired a multi-disciplined consulting
05:37 team
05:38 led by dave sargent of sergeant town
05:40 planning which provides urban planning
05:42 and design
05:43 susan hardin of circle point to provide
05:45 public outreach
05:47 greensfelder commercial real estate to
05:49 provide retail strategy
05:51 and lisa wise consulting to provide
05:53 economic and coastal policy direction
05:56 before i turn it over to the consulting
05:58 team for the presentation
05:59 i want to again thank you for
06:00 participating in this essential
06:02 component of the visioning process
06:04 the channel islands harbor is a
06:06 significant part of ventura county
06:08 and it is very important to hear from a
06:10 wide range of county residents
06:12 as to how and what we should develop in
06:14 the harbor
06:15 so with that i turned it over to susan
06:17 harden to continue with the presentation
06:21 great thanks mark and good evening
06:22 everybody i just want to give you a
06:24 sense of what to expect in the workshop
06:26 this evening
06:27 so we'll start with just a short
06:28 introduction and give you a sense of
06:30 what what has happened
06:31 to date where we are now and a little
06:33 bit of what we've heard and we'll take
06:35 some time to do a bit of regional local
06:37 and economic
06:38 setting kind of setting the tone and
06:40 what the economic conditions are in the
06:41 area
06:42 but the bulk of the evening will be
06:44 spent really going through those
06:46 opportunity sites and what public realm
06:48 improvements can be made
06:49 so spending the time really good delving
06:51 into what are those concepts and
06:52 possibilities for the harbor
06:54 um we'll take a few minutes at the end
06:56 to let you know what the next steps are
06:58 as well
06:59 what we'll do in lieu of being able to
07:01 be face to face and have a lot of
07:02 interaction and discussion
07:04 we're doing this virtually of course but
07:07 we do want to make it as interactive as
07:08 possible
07:10 so throughout the presentation we'll be
07:11 taking some time to pause
07:13 and doing a poll an online poll asking
07:16 questions here and there to get a sense
07:18 from
07:19 the more than 300 people that are
07:21 already on in tonight's workshop we have
07:23 over 500 i think
07:25 signed up so we're going to get a good
07:27 amount of participation so we'll be
07:28 doing those polling questions throughout
07:30 and we'll also be addressing questions
07:32 as we go through the evening as well so
07:34 you'll see a q
07:35 a box either at the bottom or the top of
07:38 your screen depending on what kind of
07:39 device you're using
07:40 and we welcome and encourage you to pose
07:42 a question or a comment at any time
07:45 given the number of participants that we
07:47 have it's not likely that we'll be able
07:48 to answer every question or some
07:50 questions may be a little more complex
07:52 than we can answer
07:53 in a short workshop but we will be
07:55 posting all the questions and answers or
07:58 grouping those into an faq a frequently
08:00 asked questions document
08:02 and posting that to the work or to the
08:03 website in addition the workshop is
08:06 being recorded
08:07 and that will be posted to the website
08:09 as well along with the polling questions
08:11 that are being asked of you this evening
08:13 those will be posted on the site so that
08:16 others can partake in that same poll
08:21 so mark alluded to the the so we are in
08:23 the visioning process and for the last
08:24 several months that has been what the
08:26 team has been up to
08:27 i'm starting with really delving in and
08:29 exploring the site and understanding all
08:31 the nuances in the lay of the land
08:33 the online survey that went out and i'll
08:35 summarize that in just a minute
08:37 just the great guidance by the steering
08:39 committee regular
08:40 regular emails lots and lots of
08:42 participation there along with
08:44 meetings of individual stakeholders
08:46 throughout the process
08:47 which is bringing us to the workshop
08:49 here today where we're excited to share
08:51 with you some preliminary concepts and
08:53 ideas
08:54 for the harbor after today it doesn't
08:57 end
08:57 and we'll be further vetting out the
08:59 vision concepts and
09:00 doing a little more specification to
09:02 them and pulling together
09:04 a vision plan that can be adopted it's
09:06 not a
09:07 project plan but it is a vision and that
09:09 guidance after that vision plan is
09:11 adopted there's still more work to do to
09:13 implement that vision and there'll be
09:14 further planning
09:15 outreach and development that'll occur
09:17 at that time
09:20 as i mentioned stakeholder interviews
09:22 were really important and helped to
09:24 really influence what the concepts are
09:26 that you'll be seeing this evening
09:28 and some of those stakeholders are
09:29 listed there the different groups some
09:31 developers organizations
09:33 lots of great input from these
09:34 organizations and individuals
09:38 and i also noted the survey and we had a
09:40 great response to the survey nearly 1900
09:43 responses to the survey
09:45 um the actual all of the results are
09:47 posted on the website so if you want to
09:48 dig in and really read through the
09:49 responses to each question and welcome
09:51 you and encourage you to do that
09:53 um but just a quick summary of some of
09:54 those questions when asked how often do
09:57 you visit
09:58 35 percent of respondents live here at
10:00 the harbor
10:01 but still over 50 percent are frequent
10:04 visitors to the harbor as well
10:06 how often or how do you get to the
10:08 harbor not surprisingly it's mostly car
10:11 the potential improvements that we'll be
10:12 sharing tonight hopefully you'll see
10:14 definitely an increase in walking and
10:15 biking access as well
10:17 when asked people what are their
10:18 favorite hobby or favorite activities or
10:20 experiences at the harbor
10:22 the top by far was just walking around
10:25 and spending and biking through the
10:26 harbor area
10:27 along with dining and of course farmers
10:29 market and other events was also a top
10:31 top vo getter too
10:36 we also asked a question about what are
10:37 some of the key challenges and the top
10:39 five responses are listed here on the
10:41 screen
10:42 not enough to do was the top along with
10:44 um
10:45 just farm not too far behind inadequate
10:47 maintenance and maybe that people don't
10:49 know
10:49 enough about the harbor and what it has
10:51 to offer
10:53 and then we also asked an open-ended
10:55 question what what other features what
10:57 other things would you like to see
10:59 in the harbor and you can see some of
11:00 those key themes listed
11:02 at the bullets below so people wanting
11:05 to see more restaurants and bars and
11:06 restaurants and entertainment
11:08 lots of different ways people would like
11:10 to see more public space whether it's
11:11 event space or park spaces
11:14 opportunities for hotels docking areas
11:17 and even
11:17 more bike and pedestrian pathways
11:22 so that's just a little sentence of that
11:24 survey and some of what we've heard so
11:25 far and again all this information has
11:27 influenced
11:28 and what we'll be sharing with you
11:29 tonight but before i turn it over to the
11:32 design team i'm
11:33 just going to do a couple of quick polls
11:35 and this the purpose is twofold one is
11:37 just to get a sense of who's here this
11:39 evening but also just to give you
11:41 some experience and a taste of what it's
11:42 like to do these online polls
11:45 so this first question is just which of
11:46 the following best describes you
11:49 and we have the choices listed there on
11:51 the screen
11:52 and you'll also see an elect like a
11:54 polling um
11:56 box pop-up as well and that one is where
11:58 we want you to actually click your
11:59 response so you can look at the one on
12:01 the screen
12:01 or the slide but the one that we want to
12:04 respond to
12:05 is that box and you can actually click
12:06 on that and move it around a little bit
12:08 as well so if it's blocking
12:10 your view later on of pictures that are
12:12 on the screen you can move that
12:14 and for this one you can check any of
12:16 those that apply because you may live
12:17 work recreate all in this in the same in
12:21 the harbor area so
12:22 we have right now about 315
12:26 people that are here um so we'll see how
12:29 many we
12:29 write about 250 that have responded to
12:31 this question so far so we'll watch
12:33 those numbers go up
12:34 and then we will highlight the responses
12:38 on the screen if you're having any
12:40 trouble
12:41 we can put a note in the q a we'll see
12:43 if we can help you out but also if you
12:45 just
12:45 later on you can even answer the
12:46 question in the in the q a if you are
12:48 unable to get the poll launched or as i
12:51 mentioned we'll also have
12:53 these polling questions on the website
12:55 so you can respond to them
12:56 there as well so we're getting close to
13:00 our
13:01 we have about 90 percent of people that
13:02 have responded
13:04 so um let's go ahead and end that poll
13:06 andrew
13:09 and then we will share the results and
13:11 we've got a lot of folks here that live
13:12 in the harbor so about 75
13:15 of the people that are on the call
13:17 tonight
13:18 live in the harbor with a quite a amount
13:20 fifty percent or more that um
13:22 recreate in the harbor as well so we'll
13:24 be saving all these results and we'll
13:26 have a
13:27 summary report from tonight's workshop
13:28 and all these will be in there as well
13:32 so quick question the second poll
13:36 um that we'll ask before we turn it over
13:37 to the design team to david sargent
13:42 let's go ahead and we can stop sharing
13:44 and we'll go to the next slide
13:52 next slide david if you want to go to
13:54 the next slide
13:58 do we lose our lose david no no we lost
14:01 the ability to advance for somehow
14:05 okay well we're working that out let's
14:07 um andrew you can probably launch the
14:09 other poll
14:10 and this is just a question of did you
14:12 take that first harbor visioning survey
14:14 and i see a couple notes in the q
14:16 a about people people that maybe didn't
14:19 receive that
14:20 opportunity to take that survey so we'll
14:22 definitely be interested in hearing some
14:23 of your
14:24 responses on what you see hopefully some
14:26 of the responses that we did get
14:29 are in line with some of your thinking
14:30 there is as i mentioned in the summary
14:32 of all of those
14:33 nearly 1900 responses that we did get um
14:36 so encourage you to take a look at those
14:38 and
14:39 we're still taking input so there's an
14:41 email address that's associated
14:43 with this project so you can take a look
14:45 at that survey and if you have some
14:46 other ideas we would love to hear that
14:48 too
14:49 so did you take the first survey
14:52 which it's actually great to see if
14:54 people that are on the in the workshop
14:56 tonight that maybe didn't take that
14:57 survey because this is another
14:58 opportunity for you to weigh
15:00 in on the concepts
15:04 so we've got close to a little over 90
15:06 right now we'll give another five
15:10 seconds
15:12 all right andrew so we'll share those
15:16 results
15:16 so about 46 people took the survey um
15:20 40 did not and there's some that aren't
15:22 sure and i can
15:23 totally imagine or understand that
15:25 because in today's date with all of the
15:27 various online activities that are going
15:29 on it's hard to remember what you did
15:30 and didn't take right and what
15:32 what it was for and what it wasn't for
15:33 so um it's great to have all of those
15:35 people that did take the survey
15:36 hopefully you'll see your ideas
15:38 represented
15:39 and if you didn't take the survey we
15:40 definitely want your input this evening
15:42 and would love to hear more about what
15:43 your thoughts are and the concepts that
15:45 will be shared tonight
15:46 and so with that i will turn it over to
15:48 david
15:52 thank you very much susan i hope the
15:54 advanced button
15:58 will work but
16:01 something is i've never seen something
16:04 like this happen before excuse me just a
16:06 minute
16:07 we've rehearsed this a hundred times
16:13 well i think i may know what it is
16:20 okay
16:23 okay so thank you very much uh
16:26 so the channel islands harbor as i'm
16:28 sure you know is at the
16:30 south end of victoria avenue at the
16:33 water's edge
16:34 between the port between the port winnie
16:37 navy base
16:38 and the oxnard beach neighborhoods
16:42 within the 10 mile trade area right
16:44 radius mark
16:45 mentioned that it's important that the
16:47 harbor be self-supporting so the
16:49 main trade area where visitors come from
16:51 the most often is about 10 miles
16:54 the harbor is about 15 minutes off the
16:58 101 freeway which is a challenge in
17:00 terms of attracting customers and
17:02 visitors
17:03 it's adjacent to the puerto vaniemi the
17:06 new newer
17:07 seabridge development other destinations
17:11 and attractions that are nearby include
17:14 camarillo outlets within this straight
17:16 area downtown oxnard the collection
17:18 ventura harbor downtown ventura
17:22 and within a 30 mile radius if if people
17:25 choose to come visit
17:27 the harbor other destinations they may
17:29 enjoy
17:30 would be the reagan library some of the
17:33 agricultural
17:34 uh sites that can be seen out in the
17:36 santa paula area ohio carpinteria santa
17:39 barbara
17:40 so that it's really the middle
17:43 of a lot that's going on uh
17:47 if you zoom out there's a number of
17:49 airports
17:50 obviously small
17:53 private aviation airports nearby and
17:56 then venture and then
17:57 santa barbara burbank and lax farther
17:59 away
18:00 and very interestingly for those who
18:03 choose to come to the coast to cool off
18:05 from the santa clarita area the antelope
18:07 valley and other inland
18:09 areas you can come right down 126 and
18:11 down
18:12 victoria avenue and there you are at the
18:14 harbor and with
18:15 uh direct access to the channel islands
18:18 national park and
18:20 catalina so it's
18:23 on the edge of the local the
18:26 the everyday shopping trade area it's
18:30 not at the center of it it's on the edge
18:32 which is a bit of a challenge in terms
18:34 of attracting the patronage that
18:36 is needed to keep the help keep the
18:38 place self-supporting
18:40 and as mark mentioned there's quite a
18:42 few
18:43 new destinations that people can go to
18:46 dine
18:47 shop walk around enjoy themselves that
18:50 have popped up
18:51 since the harbor was developed in the
18:53 60s that have been taking away
18:55 customers the good news is that if
18:59 the if the harbor becomes a desirable
19:02 place for people to spend a weekend or a
19:04 week or
19:05 vacation in the summer the these other
19:09 competing locations are potentially
19:11 locations that visitors would find
19:14 compelling to to also visit so that once
19:17 again
19:18 one could think of the harvard being not
19:20 so much on the edge of things
19:22 as in the middle of many things one of
19:24 the other challenges is although there's
19:26 some beautiful and
19:27 expensive homes along the beach area
19:30 many of them
19:31 are second homes or not occupied
19:34 full-time which
19:36 further challenges the harbor in terms
19:39 of
19:40 uh sales and and business so all the
19:43 more important that it attract people
19:44 from
19:45 a wider area so how do you do that
19:48 um it's clearly not a place that a
19:50 shopping center that people
19:52 go to for their everyday conveniences
19:54 are going to be
19:55 is going to be very practical so we're
19:57 focusing our
19:59 economic and retail consultants have
20:01 advised us
20:02 to think of this as a specialty or
20:04 experience retail or hospitality
20:07 location
20:08 where people are mostly buying goods and
20:10 services
20:12 that are emotionally driven and
20:14 discretionary
20:16 and you come here because you want to be
20:18 here not just because you had to buy
20:19 something
20:20 so the sense of place is very important
20:24 this location probably can only support
20:26 about four acres of these kinds of uses
20:28 in the near future but they got about 28
20:30 acres that they need to lease
20:33 so clearly it's important to have a
20:35 harbor related anchor use that the uses
20:38 be themed around
20:39 the harbor's main asset which is it's a
20:41 beautiful place on the water
20:43 and it's incredibly important to make it
20:46 a place that people want to come more
20:48 often
20:48 spend more time and the surveys that we
20:54 have received the results to say that
20:58 the things that people would value the
21:00 most here would be walking biking dining
21:03 farmers markets special events rowing
21:06 paddling boating
21:07 which are all the things that would in
21:10 in fact leverage the destination
21:12 quality of the harbor and provide the
21:15 basis for economic success
21:19 so however the economic feasibility in
21:22 this day and age with the competing
21:25 uh other attractions requires
21:27 diversification
21:29 clearly the core is retail food beverage
21:32 entertainment education
21:34 about the water and the channel islands
21:36 boating and all the fun
21:38 but they the the
21:42 harbor hasn't been drawing those as a
21:44 lot of vacant land and vacant buildings
21:46 would would tell you and there's not
21:48 enough of
21:50 a very unlikely that enough of those
21:52 uses could ever be attracted in the
21:53 foreseeable future to fill the harbor
21:56 with enough revenue and visitorship to
21:58 sustain it so we're going to need to
22:00 have a balanced
22:01 mix that includes some additional hotels
22:04 there's one hotel
22:05 that's on the way we'll show you that in
22:07 a bit and pro
22:09 very likely there need to be some
22:11 housing mixed in
22:12 in order to make it economically viable
22:16 and if more if some more people
22:19 live here or lodge here for periods of
22:22 time
22:22 that'll have the effect of increasing
22:26 the amount of patronage of the
22:28 businesses
22:30 per vehicle trip to the harbor in other
22:33 words the
22:33 cut the number of vehicle trips and
22:35 parking required
22:37 and congestion per thousand dollars
22:40 spent in the harbor would
22:41 start to go down so the harbor in its
22:45 existing condition
22:46 it's surrounded by some very wide
22:48 streets which
22:49 don't give you immediately the image of
22:53 that you've arrived at a really cool
22:56 waterfront destination however they are
23:00 a a lot of already publicly owned
23:03 real estate and facilities that
23:06 we are going to show you some concepts
23:09 of how these could be
23:11 rather simply refined and improved to be
23:15 more of the kind of walking biking fun
23:18 environment
23:19 folks have been saying they would like
23:21 clearly the water
23:23 is the most beautiful thing i mean that
23:25 was built as a public works project in
23:27 the early 60s and they did a fine job
23:29 of building the chant the water channels
23:32 themselves and the docks and the slips
23:35 and and the the environment on the water
23:38 is a lovely thing
23:40 the environment around the edge of the
23:41 water is is less
23:45 optimized at this point it's relatively
23:48 narrow sidewalks and
23:49 just not a very it's not a place that's
23:51 screaming you know come let's go see
23:53 what's here
23:54 it's nice to walk along them but it
23:56 isn't
23:57 competitive with all the other places
24:00 that are much nicer to go spend time
24:02 these days
24:02 so we're going to show you a bunch of
24:04 concepts for how to make it so
24:08 the main point the main way to make it
24:10 so so here's the whole harbor there's
24:11 the south harbor which is the
24:14 part of the harbor that the county
24:15 operates down
24:17 south of channel islands boulevard and
24:18 then the north harbor
24:20 is within the city of oxnard and it's
24:23 north of channel islands bridge
24:26 it was developed over the last 20 or so
24:29 years from
24:30 agricultural land for the most part to a
24:33 really vital mix
24:34 of a lot of housing and
24:38 beautiful shopping centers along
24:40 victoria avenue and
24:42 wooly road and there
24:45 are uh there are access gateways at
24:48 wooly road and along harbor
24:51 coming down from from ventura along
24:53 harbor coming down
24:54 from the freeway inventor on victoria
24:57 and coming from oxnard and port winnie
25:00 along channel islands
25:01 boulevard and
25:05 we would suggest that these be improved
25:09 for walking and biking to help
25:11 the people who live around here come
25:14 into the south harbor
25:16 uh with for in a more pleasant
25:19 and active and recreational fashion uh
25:22 rather than just driving all the time
25:24 there are existing systems of walkways
25:27 developed around the north harbor
25:29 uh connecting a bunch of the housing to
25:31 the commercial amenities over here and
25:34 some beautiful spaces
25:36 along the water's edge but those don't
25:39 connect at all to the south harbor
25:41 except unless you happen to have a boat
25:44 and so it's creating this kind of an
25:47 environment with
25:48 beautiful new facilities right along the
25:50 water's edge so
25:51 the south harbor needs to pull up its
25:53 socks and compete with that
25:55 we believe so to which end
25:58 as as in terms of access and
26:02 and wayfinding around the harbor the
26:04 first
26:05 place you the main entries to the harbor
26:07 at the intersection of channel islands
26:09 boulevard
26:10 and harbor boulevard and victoria avenue
26:12 and channel islands boulevard
26:14 we think it's very important that a
26:17 walkable bikeable
26:18 and more attractive face for the harbor
26:22 be developed around the edges on harbor
26:24 and channel islands in victoria
26:26 so just a quick inventory of the sites
26:29 mark was talking about this blue site on
26:31 the end of the peninsula
26:32 is already slated to be a nice hotel
26:34 we'll show you some pictures of it in a
26:36 sec
26:38 these dark pink pieces are parcels that
26:40 are
26:41 available now or very soon for lease
26:44 to new development so they offer a
26:47 near-term
26:48 very strong possibility
26:51 of creating much more significant
26:54 attraction
26:55 that would generate a lot more fun for
26:56 visitors and a lot more revenue for the
26:58 harbor
26:59 these lighter pink pieces are pieces
27:01 that have existing leases that go for a
27:04 while but
27:05 under the right circumstances it's
27:07 possible that some improvement
27:09 if if these dark pink parcels start to
27:12 improve a lot
27:13 there could be some reinvestment in the
27:15 light ones
27:17 the water's edge environment we're going
27:19 to show you we think it's terribly
27:21 important that
27:22 however these individual parcels
27:26 are developed it's very important they
27:28 be connected to one another so that if
27:30 someone visits one of them
27:32 they can walk or bike to the next one
27:33 rather than getting in their car and
27:35 driving around because as soon as they
27:36 get in their car
27:38 they might as they might just as well
27:39 decide well let's just go up and check
27:41 out ventura harbor
27:42 or go over to the camarillo outlets or
27:45 santa barbara
27:46 so you want to keep them biking and
27:47 walking and these promenades system
27:49 we're going to show you
27:51 is a terribly important piece of that as
27:53 is the potential
27:55 of a water taxi system so that you can
27:57 go directly from
27:58 parcel to parcel along the water which
28:01 is so much more beautiful than the land
28:03 side
28:04 so we're going to start now by showing
28:06 you a couple kinds
28:08 of concepts for a few of these key
28:10 parcels and at each point we're going to
28:12 stop and ask you a few questions
28:16 so the most the the
28:19 greatest opportunity and the most widely
28:21 discussed
28:22 debated and in some cases disagreed
28:25 about
28:25 is the fisherman's wharf site which is
28:28 at the intersection of channel islands
28:30 boulevard and victoria avenue
28:32 here at the north east corner of the
28:35 south harbor
28:36 and it was developed a long time ago
28:40 as a shopping center with these
28:43 wooden buildings that have sort of a
28:45 cape cod look to them
28:47 and over time the businesses not
28:50 not every business has faded toppers
28:53 pizza is doing very well but most of the
28:55 businesses have faded
28:57 and it's not and it's coming up for
28:59 release and
29:00 uh it needs a new it needs something new
29:03 here's what it looks like from the
29:04 street it looks pretty pretty nice these
29:07 are backs these are sort of dolled up
29:09 backs these are not fronts the fronts
29:11 are all facing into the parking lot
29:13 and it's things are not very busy these
29:15 days the water side though
29:17 is lovely the wharf after you know that
29:20 gives fisherman's wharf its name
29:22 is on the water you can see it very
29:25 clearly from channel islands bridge
29:26 we're going to show you
29:28 some ideas about how that could be
29:30 repurposed and renovated and become the
29:32 center point of something very different
29:35 so the kinds of uses that we've heard
29:38 from the public and very much so
29:40 from the steering committee that's just
29:42 full of good ideas in fact one of the
29:44 members of the steering committee made
29:45 this pretty sketch
29:46 is some kind of a public market we're
29:49 thinking that there's a possibility that
29:51 it could be a venue where the best of
29:54 the bounties of the sea this fresh
29:57 seafood coming out of the ocean
29:59 and the best of ventura county's
30:01 agriculture for which our county is so
30:03 famous
30:04 could be showcased and along with
30:08 local arts and crafts and really
30:11 these kinds of food halls are very
30:14 popular throughout and increasingly
30:16 popular
30:16 throughout the region and the nation
30:20 also then the environment along the
30:22 wharf where you can
30:24 dine outside you could rent boats you
30:26 could watch the fish come in
30:29 you can just enjoy the waterfront
30:32 atmosphere
30:33 and stroll and shop we think that
30:36 there's an important role to be played
30:39 on our
30:39 retail strategy advisor tells us that it
30:43 would be very important to have
30:44 some tie-ins with the channel islands
30:47 and
30:48 perhaps some educational facilities
30:50 there's already a small
30:51 touch aquarium there operated by oxnard
30:54 college
30:55 but perhaps an expanded visitor center
30:58 where people could learn about the
30:59 channel islands
31:00 maybe buy tickets to go out to the
31:03 islands
31:04 with island packers and then
31:07 some kind of mixed-use development where
31:10 there would be retail shops along the
31:12 water's edge perhaps some office spaces
31:14 perhaps a
31:16 boutique hotel uh and and
31:19 court a courtyard full of dining
31:22 activities and probably in order to make
31:25 the thing very profitable to help
31:28 pay for some of the much needed
31:30 improvements some housing could be
31:32 integrated whether it's upstairs from
31:34 some of the
31:36 retail uses we could be oriented toward
31:39 internal courtyards some of it could be
31:41 over shops looking out over the water
31:44 and there's an example in ventura harbor
31:47 that's just being completed now which is
31:49 called
31:49 portside actually my firm was involved
31:52 with master planning this we didn't
31:53 design it but
31:54 if the harbor in ventura was looking for
31:57 a mix
31:58 of waterfront shops and and housing to
32:02 generate the income they needed so this
32:04 project was
32:05 is has just about it's still under
32:08 construction
32:09 but it was pointed out to us by some of
32:11 the steering committees and as an
32:13 example of something
32:14 that could be part of the mix uh here
32:16 somewhere in the harbor
32:18 so we've made this little conceptual
32:20 design now this isn't
32:22 a project this is an illustration of
32:25 a possibility that we've made just based
32:27 on what we've heard people would like to
32:29 see and since we're designers
32:31 we've made some sketches of how that
32:32 might work so
32:34 a lot of open space along the along
32:38 a rebuilt and expanded wharf a broad
32:41 waterfront promenade
32:43 a small a small street that lets people
32:46 come in and
32:47 find parking and circulate and mo and
32:50 walk very pedestrian friendly little
32:52 shopping street
32:53 and perhaps a courtyard and then
32:56 probably up toward the corner it would
32:57 be filled with
32:59 the visitors serving commercial uses
33:01 maybe some boutique offices on upper
33:03 floors
33:04 some kind of a visitor center we would
33:06 hope then perhaps part of this
33:09 could be a boutique hotel maybe 100 or
33:12 150 rooms
33:14 looking out over the water and then very
33:17 likely
33:17 some apartments or condos or live work
33:20 units that would
33:22 help support the cost of building all of
33:26 these public serving facilities which
33:28 the
33:28 retail alone might not be able to pay
33:31 for and then
33:31 a lot of water recreation and access and
33:34 park and public restrooms and such
33:36 so the payoff would be in this over
33:38 these open spaces
33:39 could provide venues for
33:43 special special events up just get every
33:46 day sort of gathering dining outdoors
33:49 uh something sort of an ad could be sort
33:51 of an annex to the existing farmers
33:54 market
33:54 as well as there could be outdoor
33:56 performance venues we're going to show
33:57 you an idea for that a little farther
33:59 down victoria
34:00 too here's a cross-section drawing we've
34:03 made
34:04 that shows how a market hall could be
34:07 built right up on channel islands
34:09 boulevard next to the lighthouse which
34:10 everybody wants to keep
34:12 some other retail or restaurant
34:14 buildings
34:15 and then if the if this building is
34:18 a hotel or condos or some offices on
34:21 upper floors
34:22 the ground floor would for sure be very
34:25 would
34:26 for sure be programmed with shops and
34:28 restaurants
34:29 so that there were lively active fun
34:31 uses
34:32 all adjacent to all of these public open
34:35 spaces
34:36 along the water's edge perhaps a hotel
34:38 might be up here in housing over there
34:40 you might have a situation where there's
34:42 some parking buried in here in a
34:44 structured way
34:45 or it could be that there's just surface
34:47 parking over there
34:48 if except surface parking doesn't
34:50 generate revenue so that might not
34:53 be feasible but you know what we'll find
34:55 out over time
34:57 one thing important to point out in some
34:59 earlier schemes that have been shown for
35:01 this site
35:02 the ground floors were all parking which
35:05 would reflect it so this isn't
35:07 this is another example of basically a
35:10 ground floor that has parking in it
35:11 isn't very much fun to walk along
35:14 so we wouldn't we're not suggesting that
35:16 that be
35:17 an option we're suggesting that shops
35:20 would be at least you know 30 40 50 feet
35:24 deep and parking would be in behind them
35:26 so it would be invisible
35:28 to the shoppers and pedestrians who are
35:30 enjoying the space
35:32 we've made a little model of of what
35:35 this
35:35 could be like if the market hall here is
35:37 on the right
35:38 and these uh the the hotel shops maybe
35:41 some
35:42 condos and apartments or offices could
35:45 be
35:45 on the south side of the plaza so the
35:48 the
35:48 these larger buildings would really
35:50 define this as a public space you could
35:52 have smaller
35:54 pavilions and restaurants and
35:57 vendors within the plaza looking out
35:59 over the water
36:01 and then when you're down in the plaza
36:03 it might look like this
36:04 it could be very full of life on a daily
36:07 basis and then really full of life for
36:09 special events
36:11 here's a look here's a view looking down
36:13 this little
36:14 this little access street that might be
36:16 coming in off channel islands boulevard
36:19 with the expanded wharf on the right
36:21 where you could have you could
36:22 perhaps buy fish right off the boat can
36:25 have a bicycle path
36:26 as well as a pedestrian path in this
36:29 little
36:30 little street so cars could come in and
36:32 see what's going on and then find a
36:33 parking space
36:35 and with this activity spilling out of
36:38 this
36:39 market hall into the plaza
36:42 a little bit every day and a lot on
36:44 special events
36:46 so susan would you like to please
36:51 ask folks what they think
36:55 sure so this is going to be our first um
36:57 poll regarding the
36:58 the vision concepts that are being
37:00 shared this evening
37:02 um and this one's specific to what david
37:04 was presenting on
37:05 fisherman's wharf so there's a lot of
37:07 different ideas that
37:08 um david went over and we just want to
37:10 kind of get a sense from
37:12 from you all on those that you think
37:14 could contribute to a successful
37:16 fisherman's wharf
37:17 and so what you see on the polling box
37:19 that just popped up is the same as what
37:20 you see
37:21 what would see on this the screen or i
37:23 mean on the slide there's just some
37:24 pictures there to kind of jog your
37:26 memory because it was a lot of
37:27 information
37:28 and here again you can answer more than
37:30 one you can check all that apply
37:32 anything that you think
37:33 could really make the fisherman's wharf
37:35 area
37:36 very successful in that you think that
37:38 would would work really well there
37:41 um while people are answering those
37:42 questions we've been answering lots or
37:44 answering that question we've been
37:45 answering lots of questions in the q a
37:48 um so encourage you at some point to to
37:50 dig into some of those but also want you
37:52 to be able to really hear what's being
37:53 shared as well so
37:54 take your time kind of going dipping
37:56 into those and we'll also make sure that
37:58 all of those will be
37:59 included into the summary report as well
38:01 but some of the things we're hearing a
38:03 lot of support for
38:04 a far for a farmer's market or for a
38:06 public market excuse me
38:08 entertainment venues um pedestrian
38:10 improvements plus some other ideas that
38:12 are coming in from individuals as well
38:14 so we'll be including all of those as
38:16 considerations um in the the report as
38:18 well
38:19 there's also some some concerns being
38:21 expressed on maybe the
38:22 level of intensity others maybe that
38:24 it's not intense enough so there's a
38:26 little bit of
38:26 of differing opinions there um lots of
38:29 questions and comments about the market
38:30 area and the study
38:32 and again all of those are being
38:33 answered as they as they come in to the
38:34 degree we can
38:35 um we'll try to keep up on all of those
38:37 and and we also just love taking your
38:39 comments and
38:40 any comments you want to make um
38:41 positive or negative we would love to
38:43 hear
38:44 we have about 75 percent who have
38:46 finished there's a lot of choices here
38:48 so letting people
38:49 think about how you want to respond to
38:51 this poll
38:52 and you can again um move that box
38:55 around a little bit if you want to see
38:56 some of those
38:57 pictures to jog your memory a little um
39:00 we'll
39:01 got about 82 percent of folks that have
39:05 responded
39:06 there were a number of questions about
39:07 the survey and how
39:09 how it went out and um we did try to do
39:11 as much as possible to get that survey
39:13 out into the hands of
39:15 of stakeholders residents and business
39:18 owners and
39:18 other stakeholders in the community um
39:21 nearly 1900 but of course that means we
39:23 missed people and there's certainly some
39:25 folks commenting on that in the q
39:27 a and we'll i think mark had made a
39:29 comment that we'll try to get
39:30 that survey we can make it live again
39:31 and let people more people respond it's
39:33 not a problem to open that back up and
39:35 get some more responses so
39:36 again we're still in the visioning phase
39:38 and we can add more
39:40 more content information
39:43 you've got about almost 90 which is
39:45 about what we're getting on the other
39:47 pulling questions and for those that may
39:48 be having trouble or just don't
39:50 feel like you want to answer these
39:51 questions right now um these questions
39:53 will be available
39:54 online and there is um what's not on the
39:57 screen is an other
39:59 question or cat or other response but
40:01 that is
40:03 allowed in that online polling box so
40:05 you can see that little box there
40:06 and we can't actually have you respond
40:08 to that live
40:10 as or to write your answer in but when
40:12 if you do reply to that
40:13 on the website you will be able to
40:14 answer that so let's
40:17 take about three more seconds here and
40:19 andrew will just go ahead
40:20 and end that poll i think that's about
40:23 as many as we're going to get
40:25 and we're sharing the results right now
40:27 so you can see
40:28 um the top vote getter there 92
40:31 of people really would like to see some
40:33 more restaurants and shops and maybe
40:35 even a small grocer
40:36 not surprising that's consistent with
40:38 what we've been hearing all along
40:40 over 50 percent for an improved worf for
40:42 the fishermen commercial fishermen
40:44 um in the 80s there you see for more
40:47 water recreation
40:48 and i did see some comments on that as
40:50 well so people wanting even more paddle
40:52 paddle boarding as well and those sorts
40:53 of things 88
40:55 for a public market and some significant
40:58 support there for a national or for an
41:00 anchor
41:00 such as a national park or learning
41:02 center um again we're seeing a lot of
41:03 comments in the
41:04 q a too on education and educational
41:06 centers
41:07 61 for performing arts and also some
41:10 support for boutique hotel
41:13 and a little less maybe for the offices
41:15 about 40 for
41:17 housing and then 6 percent for others
41:19 and we have a bunch of ideas that were
41:20 expressed here as well in the q a so
41:22 we'll make sure those are all
41:24 incorporated into this so thanks very
41:27 much for all those responses and again
41:29 that'll all be incorporated into the
41:30 report and we'll compare that with
41:32 some of the survey and some of the these
41:34 concepts and see what
41:36 makes most the most sense going forward
41:38 so david
41:40 thank you very much susan
41:43 no not this again
41:46 this is really getting boring
41:51 it doesn't like it when you stop huh it
41:54 just wants oh there we go
41:55 okay fine thank you okay so
41:59 the next piece we're going to look at is
42:00 just south so fisherman's wharf was up
42:02 here at the corner so now we've just
42:04 skipped
42:04 past the big public launch ramp
42:08 now we're down to this piece which is
42:10 currently a small
42:11 marina and it's on a short-term lease
42:14 that's coming up
42:15 and the committee once again had
42:19 what we think is a really cool idea for
42:22 what might
42:23 be possible here the parcel includes
42:26 a big open area a little building a
42:29 parking lot
42:30 and a bunch of water side space
42:34 as you can see and
42:38 the idea was that a
42:41 unique lodging facility i don't know how
42:44 many of you may be familiar with
42:46 the hard to find but worth the trouble
42:50 little waypoint facility in ventura
42:55 just off front street it's a trailer
42:59 hotel as it were with classic airstream
43:02 trailers and you can bring your own
43:04 trailer
43:04 so basically it's a it's sort of a
43:07 trailer
43:07 campground hotel facility
43:11 where you can have where there's commun
43:14 communal dining and
43:15 barbecuing and outdoor fireplace
43:17 facilities
43:18 and it's pretty cool up there and
43:20 imagine how cool it would be down here
43:22 on
43:22 the water there's an example of a
43:25 similar one
43:26 up in ojai where you can where you can
43:28 stay in a classic
43:29 trailer you could bring your own rv uh
43:32 in some cases
43:34 and have a very unique possibly bohemian
43:38 kind of a
43:39 of a stay that would be a
43:42 pretty good alternative to you know with
43:44 just a just a motel or a hotel
43:46 up on the freeway somewhere and down on
43:49 the water
43:50 there would be the possibility of having
43:52 an equivalent uh
43:54 facility where you could rent a
43:56 houseboat rather than a
43:57 house trailer for a day or a week
44:01 or a month so that it would be a very
44:03 unique lodging facility it would also be
44:06 a pretty low
44:07 capital investment operation
44:11 that could potentially be developed
44:13 fairly quickly
44:15 and provide a really unique facility
44:18 that
44:18 you don't have any competition for um
44:23 the plan so right you know so right
44:25 that's what it looks like from the air
44:26 but
44:27 it might the existing building might
44:29 stay as a little
44:31 as a little restroom facility and a
44:34 little snack bar
44:35 or other support facility within
44:37 trailers
44:38 in in on the land and then the boats
44:40 down below
44:42 and with a little
44:45 with a little water taxi stop at the end
44:49 and guest docs so that other friends and
44:52 relatives could stop by and visit you uh
44:56 and then the circuit then the the new
44:59 improved
45:00 uh promenade that we showed you a minute
45:02 ago could come right on along here in a
45:04 new improved
45:05 walk bike walkway bikeway that we'll
45:08 show you in a bit could run along the
45:10 edge of victoria
45:11 so the idea here is that victoria right
45:13 now victoria is kind of the back side of
45:15 boatyards
45:16 and we're looking at it as an
45:18 opportunity for victoria to be sort of a
45:20 new front entry
45:22 to a lot of these parcels susan
45:29 great so that was a little bit faster as
45:30 you see we get to the pole here the
45:32 fisherman's wharf had a lot more going
45:33 on there
45:34 so this this is a little smaller of an
45:36 area so same question here we want to
45:39 get a sense from you on what you've seen
45:42 for this
45:42 area south of the boat launch otherwise
45:45 some folks know this is
45:46 partial n1 but which of these different
45:50 uses that david talked about do you
45:52 think would be appropriate or could be
45:53 appropriate here
45:55 the very cool vintage trailer bnb a
45:58 house boat
45:59 a hostel a destination restaurant on the
46:03 dock
46:03 or even just visitor serving commercial
46:05 a mix of different kinds of commercial
46:07 and there is a little map to the left if
46:09 you're kind of not as familiar some of
46:10 you are
46:11 very familiar with the harbor and
46:13 everything all the little nuances but
46:14 others
46:15 need a little refresher of where we're
46:16 talking about so that little yellow box
46:19 represents the location
46:23 so we're seeing some some positive
46:24 comments in the q a
46:26 some folks asking about or talking
46:28 saying that they like some of these
46:29 ideas they're fun and they're
46:31 kind of exciting um
46:35 dave or mark did you have any questions
46:36 that you're seeing in the
46:38 q a that you might want to address or
46:40 res
46:42 can some common themes yeah there's a
46:44 couple that i think are important um the
46:45 first one is how the steering committee
46:47 was comprised i was developed and
46:49 quite frankly it was it was basically
46:51 the harvard apartment we
46:52 you know i knew that i wanted to have or
46:54 i knew that i wanted to have
46:57 some representation from the county and
46:58 city i would have preferred some
47:00 electeds
47:01 we did get a board member as i indicated
47:04 weren't able to get a city council
47:06 person
47:08 and one person asked why not uh
47:10 supervisor carmen ramirez well when we
47:12 started this way back in june and july
47:14 um you know uh now supervisor ramirez
47:17 was was still on the
47:18 on on city council and we couldn't get
47:21 an elected from the city but we did end
47:22 up with the assistant city manager and
47:25 and the city has shown uh you know
47:26 ultimate very very much support for the
47:29 process
47:29 we just weren't able to get an elected
47:32 we wanted to make sure that we had
47:33 uh business representation which we do
47:36 we wanted to make sure we had
47:38 um the resident representation which we
47:40 believe we did
47:41 um i mean we weren't going to send out
47:44 you know and
47:45 uh we weren't going to send out requests
47:47 for
47:48 for you know or an invitation to uh
47:52 to apply for the committee but what we
47:54 did do and i you know i've been here for
47:56 uh you know going on you know over two
47:58 and a half years so there's a number of
47:59 residents that i knew were very engaged
48:02 with the harbor
48:03 and and and i've been engaged with them
48:05 you know from day one
48:07 not only those that may support our
48:09 position but you know others that were
48:10 very much opposed to the county's
48:12 position
48:13 for many many years and we made sure we
48:14 got them on the committee as well so
48:16 that's how the committee was developed
48:18 and once we got uh members of the
48:20 committee
48:21 you know commit those committee members
48:22 actually recommended you know
48:24 others and so we did fill it out and i'm
48:26 very happy with the committee
48:28 we've gotten a lot of questions about
48:30 the survey and what we wanted to do was
48:32 early on have
48:34 a survey as to you know what what people
48:36 thought that they would like to see in
48:38 the harbor
48:38 and and we we tried to get the word out
48:42 we put it on next door we know next door
48:44 is a very
48:44 a very well used method of communication
48:48 obviously we have a mailing list you
48:50 know now that we had the committee
48:51 formed we use the committee as well
48:53 not only board members but you know but
48:56 but the city representation to get
48:58 to get the word out now if people didn't
49:01 know about it i apologize i mean we put
49:03 we put the word out virtually every way
49:05 we could um
49:07 and as i said next door we weren't
49:08 trying to hide the fact there was a
49:09 survey out there we wanted to get input
49:12 and and that's that's how it went out
49:13 and we you know we continuously tried to
49:15 get the word out
49:16 um all the committee did every committee
49:19 member was trying to get the word out on
49:20 the survey
49:21 so you know and then we did have a
49:23 number of uh of questions about the
49:25 survey and that's how it went out we got
49:26 nearly 2000 of them
49:29 but i think those two questions were
49:31 very important to answer live
49:33 great thanks mark there's also been a
49:35 couple questions about
49:36 how do we improve the the streets and
49:38 the connections and gateways
49:40 and hold tight because we will be
49:41 getting to all that and towards the end
49:43 of the presentation we're going to tie
49:45 it all together
49:45 david is with showing some gateway type
49:48 improvements and improvements to the
49:49 streets and sidewalk idea
49:50 or area so um here's the results for
49:54 this area south of the boat launch so
49:56 the highest rated was the destination
49:58 restaurant on the dock but everything
50:00 got a pretty high rating with the
50:02 exception of a hostel so not a
50:03 not a huge amount of res of support for
50:06 that but there is still clearly almost
50:08 20 percent
50:09 um the botels they're at 67 percent as
50:12 well so
50:12 the other almost everything else in the
50:14 60s so some great results there
50:17 all right david to the next site yeah
50:21 well
50:21 wish me luck i don't know why it
50:28 just doesn't like to go there we go okay
50:32 fine there you go
50:33 i'll just yell at it um so
50:36 the next piece is further south it's
50:39 comprised of a number of parcels this
50:41 one current has
50:42 the sport fishing operation which we
50:45 certainly anticipate
50:46 and and plan and hope will will remain
50:49 there may be some
50:50 additional capacity for activity within
50:53 that parcel there's
50:54 a boat storage uh area there which is up
50:57 for release
50:59 there's a bunch of water parcels here
51:01 which kind of like the botel side up
51:03 there has the possibility of
51:05 being you know refresh in terms of what
51:08 kinds of boats it can accommodate
51:10 possibly we might be able to eat into
51:13 the end of this boat yard to the north
51:15 if they find more efficient ways to
51:18 store boats or start
51:19 doing some dry stacking so there's a
51:21 potentially significant
51:23 piece of land there so certainly we
51:25 anticipate
51:26 the sport fit we hope that the sport
51:28 fishing operation will thrive and expand
51:31 and remain in either in its existing
51:33 structure a new improved structure with
51:35 perhaps more amenities
51:37 island packers as you probably know
51:39 already runs boats out of here to the
51:41 channel islands as well
51:42 as they do also out of ventura harbor
51:45 and there
51:46 we there's a chance that they would be
51:49 moving they might move to this site from
51:52 where they are now because
51:53 there will be some operational
51:55 advantages and we're hopeful
51:57 that they might expand their operations
52:00 actually but i was in a meeting this
52:01 afternoon my
52:03 news item popped up on my phone saying
52:05 that they are
52:06 back in operation after you know after
52:09 they're
52:09 shut down for the pandemic so that's
52:11 good news just a few hours ago
52:14 we hope that they would become an
52:16 increasingly
52:18 important presence here because the tide
52:20 of the channel islands is
52:22 one of the greatest assets obviously
52:24 that this harbor has
52:25 we hope that the funding can be raised
52:28 for the
52:29 replacement facility of the harbor
52:31 masters
52:32 headquarters here right next to the
52:34 coast guard with views directly out into
52:36 the mouth of the harbor
52:38 there's also the possibility here of
52:41 some kind of an
52:42 outdoor entertainment venue with a
52:46 possibility
52:47 of some kind of a performance space out
52:50 over the water with people sitting on
52:52 shore looking looking at musical or
52:55 dramatic performances
52:56 of some kind that could be a very unique
52:59 thing and one
53:00 reason to consider having it down here
53:02 rather than
53:04 up at fisherman's wharf or somewhere
53:07 farther north is that there's a lot of
53:10 parking that
53:11 is used in the daytime by the sport
53:13 fishing operation
53:14 and in the evening it would be unused so
53:17 that could create a lot of efficiencies
53:19 in terms being able to share all that
53:20 parking
53:21 with daytime and nighttime uses
53:26 and there's also the possibility that uh
53:29 small cruise ships might be able to come
53:32 in here the smaller
53:33 national geographic cruise ships might
53:36 be able to dock
53:38 in some of the and if some of the slips
53:40 were rebuilt here there's a possibility
53:42 that cruise ships might be able to come
53:44 in here bringing an additional stream of
53:46 visitors without
53:47 cars for the most part who could stay on
53:50 the ship
53:51 in harbor or in some of the lodging
53:54 facilities and provide an additional
53:56 customer stream coming from the ocean
53:58 rather than from the land
54:00 possibility we've had a conversation
54:02 with the port of winemi if the
54:04 if the logistics of them docking in this
54:07 harbor were
54:08 difficult possibly they might be able to
54:10 dock in the port of aeneimi
54:12 and then shuttle over on boats or
54:14 shuttle buses
54:15 there's also the possibility they might
54:17 just be able to drop anchor offshore
54:19 and bring visitors in in launches and
54:22 what that that map i showed you at the
54:24 beginning of all the different
54:26 venues that are within a 30 mile radius
54:28 could start to make the sort of package
54:31 that little cruise lines are looking for
54:33 where if they're going to put into port
54:35 they want a bunch of fun stuff for their
54:36 people to be able to get
54:38 to and that's why we were showing you
54:40 things like the reagan library and
54:44 and ojai and and of course oxnard
54:47 inventor and camarillo
54:49 as places that people could have fun if
54:51 they came in on a cruise ship so
54:53 right now you see there's just a lot of
54:55 parking areas here in these little
54:57 cul-de-sacs
54:58 we're thinking that you might be able to
55:00 reorganize some
55:02 new and improved buildings facing the
55:04 water with that same kind
55:06 of a nice little street and improved
55:07 promenade like we showed you at
55:09 fisherman's wharf
55:10 running a lot along the front and might
55:12 even be able to build a little
55:13 amphitheater in here
55:15 and then during the day the sport
55:16 fishing would use a lot of this parking
55:18 and at night it could fill up with
55:20 people coming to performances
55:22 here might run the uh walk whale
55:25 i'm dying to show you the promenades and
55:27 the walkways but i left it to the end
55:30 so that we get through these use things
55:32 first that's the fun part we were
55:34 leaving it for last
55:35 one of the fun parts so susan
55:42 great so um here we are to the area
55:44 north of the coast guard
55:46 again the question is the same um which
55:48 of the uses
55:49 and the ideas that david talked about do
55:51 you think would contribute to the
55:53 success of this area
55:54 and again we're not asking you to choose
55:56 only one we really want to just get a
55:58 sense of what of these different ideas
56:00 do you think could work here
56:02 because again it's a vision plan so
56:03 we're not laying out specifically what
56:05 has to happen here
56:07 but instead trying to elaborate on some
56:09 ideas
56:11 i'm definitely seeing still a lot of
56:12 comments and questions or ideas that are
56:14 generated in the q a about
56:16 maritime and and ocean learning and
56:20 education
56:21 and museums and that sort of thing so
56:23 people have a lot of support for those
56:24 ideas for sure
56:26 good that's what's going to make this
56:29 place really special and just
56:31 anchor it so firmly to the islands and
56:34 the ocean i mean that's
56:35 that's what you got to sell
56:38 and just a note too that we're up to 346
56:41 participants in this workshop and online
56:43 workshop which is really
56:45 terrific turnout so thanks to everyone
56:47 for giving up a little your time this
56:49 evening
56:50 and as people are responding to this
56:52 poll just a reminder in case anyone
56:54 came a little late um we will have the
56:56 copy of this presentation
56:58 and the same online polling questions
57:00 will be available on the website
57:02 for the project so if you know people
57:04 that weren't able to make it
57:05 definitely encourage them to check it
57:07 out and provide us with their input as
57:09 well
57:10 so we're getting there um getting close
57:14 to
57:15 almost 90 90 percent of respondents so
57:17 far
57:20 um again seeing some comments on the
57:21 public realm stuff and and david will
57:23 get to the
57:24 the ideas on the streets and sidewalks
57:26 and getting people around
57:31 and the house some ideas on how are the
57:33 support for the houseboat idea too so
57:35 there's some responses coming in on that
57:36 last section
57:38 um that's it's worth pointing out that
57:40 we're showing these different
57:41 alternative uses and we're tying them to
57:44 specific parcels but there's nothing
57:45 magic about exactly which of these
57:47 functions goes on which parcels
57:50 so yep some of these could move around
57:52 right if there's a lot of support for
57:55 certain ideas they could go
57:56 a bunch of different places i mean
57:59 there's a lot of options
58:01 we're not we're not trying to tell you
58:02 where everything should go
58:04 we're just illuminating the
58:06 possibilities
58:09 all right andrew let's go ahead and end
58:10 the poll um
58:12 so people really support that idea of
58:14 the expanded island packers location so
58:17 about 80 percent there
58:18 um new landing dock and sport landing in
58:21 docks
58:22 72 66 for that outdoor theater with a
58:26 floating stage a really fun idea
58:28 um and lots of support still in nearly
58:30 50 percent or over on
58:32 the other concepts as well so quite a
58:34 bit of support here for
58:36 most of these items so david let's move
58:39 to the next
58:40 site thank you susan so now we're going
58:43 to look at the peninsula point
58:45 so much of the peninsula is housing
58:47 that's going to stay there for a long
58:48 time but the point is an enormous
58:50 opportunity you've got the old older
58:52 hotel and the
58:53 former restaurants down here which i
58:56 remember
58:57 with with great pleasure visiting back
59:00 in the 80s when our kids were little but
59:03 there's a new hotel that's planned
59:05 for most of the end of the peninsula
59:07 here and it's really lovely
59:09 it's a hyatt house hotel that is planned
59:13 with a new a new entry a new entry plaza
59:17 at the end of peninsula road
59:20 and a four-story hotel with a bar
59:24 and and lounge looking out over the
59:26 water and a separate building with a
59:28 restaurant in it
59:29 and again the expanded improved
59:32 promenade
59:33 coming around the end uh we think it's
59:36 very lovely
59:37 we we have we had nothing to do with it
59:39 we're just complimenting the people who
59:41 have
59:41 designed it then there's a little so the
59:44 hotel would be here then there's this
59:46 little parcel over here which is loving
59:49 lovingly known as the remnant and it's
59:52 available
59:53 and it's really a strategically located
59:56 along the waterfront so we've
59:58 thought about what might go there so
60:01 here's where the hotel
60:02 here's how the hotel would be laid out
60:04 this is the remnant piece
60:06 so it could have it could be as simple
60:08 as just a little
60:09 lane that comes around here you could
60:11 have some kiosks
60:13 and uh vending
60:16 along the edge that might be
60:20 something as simple as a taco shack
60:23 could have bike rentals if the if
60:26 ships if large ships came in here and
60:29 this was a point of arrival
60:31 people could just land here and grab a
60:33 bike and start here
60:35 and explore the rest of the harbor
60:37 possibility of
60:38 little cafe right along the water's edge
60:41 another alternative that was mentioned
60:43 is the possibility of some
60:45 some some town houses or condos
60:48 that would have frontage right onto the
60:50 water
60:51 here's a couple ideas how they could
60:53 look they could look like these ones
60:56 these are actually up in river park
60:58 which which we had a lot to do with the
61:00 master plan for
61:01 a number of years ago or these uh more
61:04 modern ones that are actually in utah in
61:07 a very beautiful new town
61:09 but something like i mean sitting we
61:11 imagine the sitting on the decks of
61:13 those looking out over the water
61:14 could be pretty spectacular uh it's a
61:18 very small piece so there's not a lot of
61:20 options of what you could do with it so
61:22 some small retail or some small housing
61:24 uh seen seem like the main option
61:27 so susan great so now we want to ask
61:31 this similar question here about
61:32 peninsula points
61:34 we have a few more sites to go after
61:36 this and then we'll get into the
61:37 streets and sidewalks and some of the
61:39 the concepts there
61:40 but definitely want to focus in on
61:42 peninsula point so we're looking at
61:44 ideas or
61:45 uses like food trucks and food stands
61:48 plaza pocket parks
61:49 bike rental and townhouses and again
61:52 that little
61:53 key map is there and there's still
61:55 always the other category so if there
61:57 was a specific use that you heard david
61:58 talk about
61:59 earlier that you're envisioning
62:01 peninsula point and you really think
62:02 that could work here
62:04 um please feel free to to click that
62:06 other and
62:07 as i mentioned you can't type in your
62:08 response on the survey but you certainly
62:10 can add it into the q
62:11 a um and just say additional use or
62:14 however you want to characterize that
62:17 so let's see we're we're getting up
62:18 there um
62:23 so there's still a lot of the same ideas
62:25 coming in a lot of
62:26 some idea or love of the houseboats and
62:28 the botels um question about whether
62:30 those
62:31 that the botels and the houseboats and
62:33 the little
62:35 trailer park idea could be year-round or
62:38 are those considered only short-term
62:40 um could they how long would those be up
62:42 so there's some questions about that
62:43 david
62:45 we're we're really excited about that
62:47 possibility too
62:49 and it wasn't our idea so
62:52 yeah so i think the answer is it's not
62:54 intended to be a short term somebody
62:55 said wouldn't it only be around for a
62:57 month but no those are actually would be
62:59 businesses and
63:00 um semi-permanent or permanent locations
63:03 for those yeah um there's also some
63:04 questions about parking
63:05 and are we providing enough parking um
63:08 for all these different uses and so
63:10 that's a that's a fascinating question
63:13 and we're as we show you the plans that
63:15 were the
63:16 concepts we're suggesting for for the
63:18 walking and biking and
63:20 water taxi the idea would be that
63:24 people could arrive at the harbor and
63:25 park their car once and spend a half a
63:28 day or a day
63:29 or a weekend walking and biking around
63:31 which would drastically reduce the
63:33 number of parking spaces you would need
63:35 because
63:36 people wouldn't be driving and parking
63:38 and driving and parking and driving and
63:40 parking
63:41 but we had one of course enough parking
63:44 must be provided
63:44 right and again you know being a vision
63:47 a vision level plan we're not yeah
63:49 got to figure out what those that mix of
63:51 uses specifically would be and then you
63:52 develop those parking
63:54 then we figure out how much parking you
63:55 need and you have it
63:57 all right so andrew let's go ahead and
63:58 end this poll
64:00 um so plaza in parka park is 71 not far
64:04 behind
64:04 is bike rental i'm about 63 percent
64:07 there for food trucks and
64:08 31 for some townhouses along with 13
64:12 percent for
64:13 other let me just look at the q a real
64:16 quick and see if there's any
64:17 quick responses on other small off leash
64:20 dog park
64:21 um don't reduce any of the the green
64:24 spaces so
64:26 um and no fee parking so just a few
64:27 comments that came in on the other but
64:30 all right let's move on to the next the
64:32 next area
64:34 okay oh geez not again
64:39 there we go okay so now we're going to
64:41 look at the opportunity
64:42 so we've done that with the victoria
64:44 side and the peninsula now we're going
64:45 to look at a few parcels down the
64:47 down the harbor boulevard side and then
64:49 we're going to talk about the walkways
64:50 and bikeways and
64:52 and the the out the public realm so this
64:55 piece y3 is an incredibly
64:59 privileged piece of land that has very
65:02 little on it
65:02 it it's one of the pieces that projects
65:05 out into the harbor
65:06 and it and this parking parcel are both
65:10 available in the very near you know
65:12 pretty much now
65:14 uh offers will be accepted uh
65:17 and this has also the very interesting
65:20 characteristic of having this good-sized
65:22 water parcel in front of it that is not
65:25 currently developed where
65:27 it could be developed for small docks
65:30 or it could be developed for a larger
65:32 dock that might be able to accept
65:34 a super yachts you know big visiting
65:37 vessels that might tie up here
65:40 that would come in with people with you
65:42 know a lot of money and resources to
65:44 you know help change the trajectory of
65:47 the of the business here
65:50 um so the most obvious possibility for
65:54 well
65:54 one a possibility for this is some is
65:57 mixed use that could be
65:58 something like the possibilities we
66:01 showed you on fisherman's wharf
66:03 site where you could have shops along
66:06 the waterfront walkways
66:08 you could have some kind of court dining
66:11 court
66:11 outdoor space in the center with with
66:14 restaurants you could have
66:16 you there could it could include a
66:17 boutique hotel
66:19 um it could also include
66:22 some of some types of housing if that
66:25 would
66:26 create enough revenue to really support
66:31 the improvement of the area around it
66:34 another option another possibility that
66:37 has been mentioned by the
66:39 steering committee that we think is
66:40 fantastic and could tie in beautifully
66:42 with the public market idea
66:44 would be a culinary center a culinary
66:47 institute
66:48 that could become sort of a magnet of
66:50 healthy food
66:52 that could be really tied in beautifully
66:54 with it with the best of ventura
66:56 county's
66:56 seafood and agriculture and
67:00 create a culture of you know support a
67:02 culture of healthy food at the harbor
67:05 the possibility of a dock that's big
67:07 enough that large
67:08 boats could come in and tie up and start
67:11 to put
67:12 this little harbor on the map for the
67:14 larger boating community going up and
67:17 down the coast
67:18 and elevate its status to something more
67:21 comparable
67:22 to you know santa barbara newport or
67:24 some of the other
67:25 bigger more well-known harbors
67:28 and ports of coal
67:32 one so one possibility would be this
67:34 parking lot would just serve
67:36 one and two-story buildings here that
67:39 would have
67:39 shops and restaurants you can have some
67:41 nice courtyard spaces like we showed the
67:43 pictures of a minute ago perhaps this
67:45 l-shape
67:46 this c-shaped building here could be a
67:48 boutique hotel
67:50 with where and this is a south facing
67:52 edge so this
67:54 these courtyards could be full of sun
67:56 and
67:57 the promenade could come straight across
67:59 the face of these buildings
68:01 and then go on up toward up toward
68:05 channel islands boulevard and have a
68:07 beautiful promenade we're going to show
68:08 you the pictures in a minute around the
68:10 outside
68:11 and there's the possibility of something
68:14 a little bit like one of the buildings
68:16 we showed on the
68:17 fisherman's wharf site that could have
68:19 some more shops on the other side of
68:21 this little street and some housing
68:23 upstairs and perhaps some parking
68:25 uh inside the lower levels of this
68:27 building
68:29 and creating an if the bike and walk
68:32 whale on this side of
68:34 harbor boulevard and then one important
68:37 very important thing we're showing in
68:39 these diagrams is the idea
68:41 of these coming in looking and feeling
68:44 and acting like
68:45 small streets rather than turning in and
68:47 just
68:48 finding yourself in an enormous parking
68:50 lot and wondering where the buildings
68:51 are
68:53 so here is a cross-section drawing
68:56 showing
68:57 out of the water here and either a large
68:59 dock or smaller docks
69:01 and then some shops facing along the
69:04 water
69:05 perhaps some offices or even some
69:07 housing
69:08 or or lodging upstairs perhaps a hotel
69:11 here and some more shops up here along
69:13 this new little
69:14 loop street that might come in off
69:16 harbor boulevard
69:17 possibility of a building a little bit
69:20 like we illustrated on the other side
69:22 which might which would have shops also
69:24 in all the grant shops and restaurants
69:26 and all the ground level perhaps
69:28 hotel or condos upstairs and then
69:31 additional parking facilities
69:33 possibly underneath this plaza there's a
69:35 beautiful
69:36 project that some friends of ours
69:38 designed in manhattan beach which we've
69:40 actually had a couple pictures of in
69:42 here
69:42 that courtyard with a fireplace in it
69:44 it's a couple blocks off the pier in
69:46 manhattan beach and it has parking
69:48 underneath it just like this
69:51 and so just zoomed in on just to show
69:53 how the
69:54 promenade and courtyards could face out
69:57 to the water and then you could have
69:58 the new pier uh
70:02 at the end and perhaps a deck with a
70:04 little restaurant on it
70:06 so susan
70:10 great so here is the question for this
70:13 area
70:13 south of harbor landing some people know
70:15 it as x3
70:17 so we're looking at boutique offices
70:20 integrated waterfront living that idea
70:22 of a super yacht dock
70:24 culinary center boutique hotel and
70:27 visitor serving commercial
70:29 and while um folks are answering this
70:31 question um
70:32 david i'll throw out some of the ideas
70:35 that are coming through the
70:36 the q a um you mentioned water taxi
70:38 briefly and i know you're going to get
70:39 into that a little bit more but there's
70:41 definitely was
70:42 a number of people saying yes yes they
70:43 like the idea of a water taxi so when
70:45 you get to that you might want to
70:46 elaborate
70:47 some more every one of these
70:50 little every one of these new
70:52 developments that we're showing would
70:54 would certainly have at least one water
70:57 taxi stop
70:58 so that you could hop around amongst
71:00 these places just
71:01 freely um people quite a few or a number
71:04 of people saying they like that idea of
71:06 the culinary center in the chat here
71:09 there was some concern i've noticed
71:10 throughout some of the different
71:12 questions on what about just the boaters
71:14 and the boating community and what's
71:15 already happening
71:16 in the way the harbor is being used so
71:18 maybe you want to
71:19 address them some of those existing
71:21 users
71:23 so do you want to mention anything about
71:25 those existing existing boaters and how
71:27 they'll still have access
71:28 and or mark if you want to talk through
71:30 that yeah i'll take that i mean it would
71:32 pretty much we have marinas virtually
71:34 everywhere that a marina can go at this
71:36 point in time
71:37 um what we do have is x3 which is what
71:40 we
71:41 what dave just went through that little
71:43 strip in front of x3 where which is now
71:45 you know at the edge of the dirt
71:47 that is developable but there's not a
71:48 lot of space because it's got it can
71:50 only go out as far as the adjacent
71:51 marinas
71:52 but that is an area for development um
71:55 the other marinas are already developed
71:58 and and there have been
71:59 questions about you know you do have
72:00 slips that are that are aging
72:02 and and and there are two marinas that
72:04 are currently
72:05 uh very active and re rebuilding those
72:08 marinas
72:09 and there are two more that we've
72:10 already initiated conversations with for
72:12 rebuilds
72:13 um there's other some questions seem to
72:16 uh indicate that the boatyards would go
72:19 away well no the
72:20 the channel islands boatyard is going
72:22 nowhere and that's the big boatyard
72:25 on on victoria the small boat yard which
72:27 is anna kappa that's the n1
72:29 parcel that david indicated for possibly
72:31 the the trailer boat
72:33 or bed and breakfast um i don't i do not
72:36 see the need for two boat yards i think
72:38 that
72:38 having a boat yard in ventura harbor and
72:40 having one here kind of keeps them
72:41 honest
72:42 but there is a significant and will
72:44 continue to be a significant boat yard
72:46 so there will still be
72:48 services for boaters and the drops that
72:50 need uh
72:51 rebuilding are in the process of getting
72:53 rebuilt
72:54 yeah maybe maybe i should have mentioned
72:56 that right up front that none of this
72:58 would be displacing
72:59 or reducing or in any way eating into
73:02 the boating
73:04 activities and boating-related services
73:07 and and the idea would be to enhance
73:10 right the ability of provide a lot more
73:14 amenities
73:15 for folks who visit or live on boats
73:18 and to provide a much more
73:22 profitable environment for the
73:23 commercial fishing
73:25 business to bring their catch into and
73:28 to provide a lot more amenities for
73:29 folks who are going sport fishing are
73:31 already
73:32 going out to the island so none of the
73:34 existing water
73:36 water-based activities would be reduced
73:38 the idea would be to
73:40 to enhance them and increase them great
73:43 thank you
73:43 thanks for that so um andrew if you want
73:46 to go ahead and
73:47 end this poll and we'll take a look at
73:48 the results there um as i
73:50 noted already in the q and a the
73:52 comments the a lot of support for the
73:53 culinary center idea
73:55 um along with visitor serving commercial
73:58 next would be the boutique hotel
74:00 and there's some significant support
74:01 there about almost 43
74:03 for the super yacht dock um and about 40
74:07 for waterfront living opportunities a
74:09 little less for the offices um
74:11 and but there is a quite a bit there
74:13 then for the boutique hotel too so
74:15 10 on others so looking forward to
74:17 checking out more of the comments in the
74:19 q a or
74:20 also when um there is the email for this
74:22 project and
74:23 ability for you to take this poll again
74:25 on the website and actually be able to
74:27 write in some ideas
74:28 too so we'll move on to the next site
74:31 cool we're almost yeah we're we're
74:33 getting there and
74:37 this just
74:45 okay there we go geez okay so now the
74:48 marine emporium landing
74:50 is the most successful in in my personal
74:53 opinion
74:55 of the current uh and one of the newer
74:58 and very successful commercial
75:00 operations
75:01 uh at the harbor right now there's a
75:03 number of really good restaurants in
75:04 there
75:05 my wife and i used to go to the wales
75:07 tale and
75:08 port royal years ago and we still go to
75:11 these restaurants here
75:13 and uh it's very successful and nice
75:16 this
75:16 is the oldest building of the group as
75:19 is probably quite clear
75:21 and the lessee of this
75:24 site is in the process of planning uh
75:27 remodeling and expansion of this
75:29 building it might be
75:30 have the potential to more to serve
75:33 more the commercial fishing side of the
75:37 ledger
75:38 and uh we would certainly we would
75:40 certainly anticipate that the new
75:42 and enhanced promenade could come right
75:45 across the face here
75:46 creating sort of a new and improved
75:49 front
75:50 for this complex and the new and
75:52 improved promenade could go around the
75:54 outside as well
75:56 then jumping down to the south here's
75:59 the old whale's tail
76:00 site right now you've got the
76:04 you've got the museum uh you've got the
76:07 museum here on k2 and you've got the
76:09 boating center here right next to it
76:12 and sadly the whale's tail is no longer
76:14 there there's also a piece of there's
76:16 also a water parcel here that could have
76:18 different types of docks
76:20 or slips of perhaps visitor docks
76:25 and i fondly remember
76:29 sitting in the whale's tail looking out
76:31 at the water and having really good food
76:33 but it's uh restaurants aren't that
76:36 this is an old building and restaurants
76:38 just aren't that big anymore
76:40 so ideas about what might be done with
76:44 the existing building
76:45 i mean it could be replaced by another
76:47 building but
76:48 uh this sort of marine touch aquarium or
76:52 education center is certainly something
76:54 that could go
76:55 in part of that existing building
76:58 another possibility is
76:59 it could be adaptively reused maybe the
77:02 upper floor
77:03 as a bed and breakfast maybe there could
77:06 be a restaurant a small restaurant
77:08 downstairs and bed and breakfast
77:10 upstairs and maybe you could have a
77:12 learning center in the rest of it
77:14 and it's also a good-sized parcel so
77:16 there could be another building built
77:19 in addition to the one that's already
77:21 there so
77:23 just a few ideas what do you think
77:28 all right so let's um think about the
77:30 whales tale
77:31 site bed and breakfast with a restaurant
77:33 just a restaurant on its own
77:35 um the maritime marine education center
77:38 and aquarium and i'm pretty sure that's
77:39 going to get a
77:40 a lot of positive response because we
77:42 had a lot of write-ins for that um this
77:44 idea of a museum and education before we
77:45 even got to this site so
77:47 people have been hungry for hearing a
77:48 little bit more about that and the
77:50 potential synergy of the existing uh
77:53 boating center
77:55 where kids learn to vote and the
77:57 existing
77:58 maritime museum and then an educational
78:02 use here would form a really nice sort
78:04 of a
78:04 civic educational cluster at this
78:07 location
78:09 that could be also enhanced with a
78:11 restaurant and maybe
78:13 other things and there's been also lots
78:14 of specific ideas for
78:16 restaurants and wineries and breweries
78:18 and places to dance and
78:20 venues and lots lots of great ideas in
78:22 the
78:23 comments as well in the questions
78:25 totally
78:27 so we've got a little quicker responses
78:29 to this one because there's not as many
78:31 choices presented and also everybody's
78:33 getting good at this thing
78:34 yes that's true too um still a few
78:36 comments on worry about parking and
78:39 making sure that the parking is
78:40 accommodated but not taking over the
78:43 parking is not taking over the sites as
78:45 well so
78:45 well yeah well right now if you just
78:47 look around parking is
78:48 everywhere so we're going to look at
78:51 that in a minute
78:54 all right so part as important as
78:56 important as parking in
78:58 is people don't come to a destination
79:02 for the parking
79:05 they'll stay away if there isn't enough
79:07 but they need
79:08 it's the fun stuff we need to focus on
79:11 okay andrew um let's go ahead and end
79:14 that poll and
79:15 not surprising again 71 percent um like
79:18 that idea of the marine education
79:20 aquarium
79:21 about 60 for the restaurant and a little
79:23 less on the the bed and breakfast but
79:25 still
79:25 um nearly 40 percent there and 11 of
79:28 people with lots of other ideas and
79:30 some of those i'm sure those that have
79:32 been expressed for the other the other
79:34 sites and so we'll
79:35 look for more of that in the q a and
79:37 your responses
79:38 as well so let's move on to the public
79:42 realm
79:43 okay
79:47 so is the survey going to go away there
79:50 andrew
79:50 okay thank you okay so
79:56 as the most important thing we believe
79:59 to making this a destination where
80:02 people will
80:03 come for a morning or a day
80:06 rather than a donut
80:10 or a t-shirt is to make it a place where
80:13 people want
80:14 people will park their car once and then
80:16 start looking around and say oh honey
80:18 let's go
80:19 what's that over there let's go look at
80:20 that let's rent a bike and spend the day
80:23 so the the the geography of this place
80:27 is the two main gateways are at harbor
80:29 and channel islands and victorian
80:31 channel islands
80:32 those have to have it needs those need
80:35 to look
80:35 like you've really arrived somewhere and
80:38 this green line around here indicates
80:41 the possibility of
80:43 putting a new pedestrian and bicycle
80:46 loop around the outside
80:48 the pedestrian promenades along the
80:50 water and then connecting back
80:52 to the edge the edge route
80:56 there's a bunch of parks and there's a
80:58 new one that would be planned
81:00 all of these could be improved and this
81:02 one would be a new one that would be
81:03 associated with fisherman's wharf
81:06 a water taxi knitting things together
81:08 inside
81:09 the possibility of little overlooks that
81:12 could be built
81:13 all along here we're going to show you a
81:14 picture of those now
81:16 so to really just just
81:19 take every possible advantage of the
81:22 water's edge
81:23 so speaking of not yet taking every
81:26 possible advantage of the water's edge
81:27 you've got some okay sidewalks and
81:29 during the pandemic people are actually
81:31 putting tables out here
81:32 but it's not a real lively thing
81:36 so we're suggesting that
81:39 at a minimum everywhere there should be
81:42 a wide comfortable
81:43 walkway in some cases a new building
81:46 could be built close to or right up
81:49 against the walkway
81:51 with outdoor dining either under
81:54 an arcade like this or the building just
81:56 set back farther and this could just be
81:58 an outdoor patio
81:59 there's also the possibility along the
82:02 water's edge where right now you just
82:04 look at the rocks going down to the
82:05 water
82:06 that in certain places little decks
82:09 could be built out over those
82:11 rocks so that you could actually sit
82:13 right bang on the water's edge
82:15 instead of only over here where you're
82:17 across the sidewalk
82:18 and up the rock bank from it so this
82:21 could provide
82:22 essentially almost like a wharf kind of
82:25 experience
82:26 a lot of different places around the
82:28 harbor
82:29 and damn there we go okay
82:33 and little kiosks or little restaurants
82:36 little bars
82:38 could be built on such structures that's
82:41 really kind of
82:42 minting new real estate i mean right now
82:45 it's just the rocks that go down to the
82:46 water
82:47 and i mean you need them because they
82:49 keep the water out of the palate but
82:51 you could have you could have the
82:53 possibility of sitting right on the
82:55 water
82:56 and you could have these even where
82:58 there aren't otherwise buildings you
83:00 could have them along the edge of
83:02 some an area where there's currently a
83:03 park or even along the edge of what's
83:06 currently a parking lot where you could
83:07 create
83:08 these little activity nodes and revenue
83:11 sources
83:13 uh because if people are walking around
83:15 if they find
83:16 a really interesting thing like every
83:18 minute or two
83:19 on their walk that's a lot less likely
83:22 they're going to get bored to go home
83:25 then also tying everything together
83:28 would be the idea of a water taxi it
83:30 could be this type
83:32 that just stops periodically
83:35 and run it could run a route that could
83:37 go up into the north harbor and stop at
83:39 each of these points of attraction could
83:41 stop at each marina
83:42 could stop at each restaurant could stop
83:44 at each dock
83:46 and the this is one type there's the
83:48 possibility of another type which we
83:50 don't have a picture of in this
83:52 presentation which would be more just
83:54 like a little
83:55 barge that you could just come on to
83:57 with your bike and just
83:58 a little electric like a little electric
84:02 vehicle that you could you and your bike
84:03 and your family and your dog could just
84:05 hop on and ride across and
84:07 get on
84:10 so then if you have this network of
84:13 promenades
84:14 that run along the water's edge the
84:16 thing about the harbor is it's
84:18 three strips of land it's a skinny strip
84:20 of land along harbor boulevard
84:22 it's a skinny strip of land along
84:24 victoria
84:26 it's the peninsula down the middle the
84:28 only thing that connects them
84:30 if you don't have a boat is the channel
84:33 islands
84:33 bridge which looks like this
84:36 so we're asking ourselves wouldn't it be
84:39 nice
84:39 if a walkway that is
84:43 has the amenity of these promenades that
84:45 we're thinking of
84:46 for the water's edge could just come
84:48 right across this bridge well
84:50 as luck would have it it could because
84:53 there's four lanes of traffic here and
84:56 they could be scooted over
84:58 now by the way i'll start by saying this
85:00 is the city of oxnard street
85:02 so these things would need all of these
85:05 things we're showing you about streets
85:06 would need to be done
85:08 in a cooperative fashion with the county
85:10 and the city
85:12 and the community working hand in glove
85:15 but physically there is space and
85:18 structure
85:19 that could support having the same sort
85:22 of
85:22 a bike way and
85:26 walkway running along the bridge that
85:29 would mer that would basically continue
85:32 the waterfront promenades
85:34 right over the water so you could come
85:36 from the harbor boulevard side
85:38 you could even have a stair that drops
85:40 down onto the peninsula
85:42 in the middle for instance where there
85:44 is a dirt area which has been proposed
85:48 to be converted to a park there's the
85:51 past
85:51 so this has already been we didn't draw
85:53 this some others drew this previously
85:55 so you could have a nice little park
85:57 right here at the top of the peninsula
86:00 right with an access with a stair coming
86:02 down right off
86:04 the bridge and actually you could have a
86:05 path coming in right behind the fire
86:07 station
86:08 here and one one of the op
86:11 one of the operations that's currently
86:13 in the harbor is
86:14 a rowing club and they don't they don't
86:16 have much of a home
86:18 so we suggested that there could be a
86:20 rowing dock located here
86:22 you could create boat storage under the
86:25 bridge i mean there's already a roof
86:26 it's called the bridge and so they could
86:30 operate
86:30 out of here and youth and adult
86:34 rowing clubs could operate within the
86:37 harbor
86:38 there's actually enough room to do
86:41 a legitimate 2100 meter rowing course
86:45 that could just run from the north
86:47 harbor under the bridge the south harbor
86:49 you could have places where people could
86:51 stand along the promenade
86:53 and on on the nice new bridge we showed
86:56 and watched the boat races running back
86:58 and forth under here
87:00 that i mean that's a fun activity of
87:03 pretty
87:03 important proportions we think then
87:05 harbor boulevard
87:09 runs of course not only up to ventura
87:11 but then comes in and runs along
87:13 between the beach neighborhood and the
87:16 harbor
87:17 and it's kind of a an ordinary looking
87:20 big old wide street
87:21 and it's got the housing on one side and
87:23 you got the parking lots over here
87:26 and so we asked ourselves you know
87:28 wouldn't it be nice
87:29 if there were a beautiful walkway and
87:32 bikeway
87:33 along this edge and it looked a little
87:35 bit more like you had arrived
87:36 at at a cool destination rather than you
87:40 know just just a big old street
87:42 so yes it could be possible to
87:46 scoot the traffic over a little bit like
87:48 we did on
87:50 on the bridge where you'd have the
87:52 southbound lane in the northbound lane
87:54 in the left turn lane
87:55 you could have a parking lane here so
87:58 that folks could park to visit
88:00 the harbor you'd you'd be the parking in
88:02 front of residences over here
88:04 this is the existing sidewalk but you
88:06 could have a two-way bikeway running
88:08 along this whole edge
88:10 so that folks and not only would it
88:12 provide
88:13 a nicer way for visitors to the harbor
88:16 to sort of get around
88:17 across the bridge and down down along
88:20 harbor boulevard
88:21 it would also make this a much more
88:23 pleasant environment for folks from the
88:25 neighborhood
88:26 to walk or bike over into the harbor
88:30 bringing perhaps more customers from
88:32 just the surrounding neighborhoods never
88:34 mind from far and wide
88:37 it occurred to us even that harbor
88:39 boulevard as it heads up
88:41 along the beach neighborhoods toward
88:42 ventura harbor and downtown ventura
88:45 has and again this would have to be done
88:48 with
88:48 in collaboration with the city of oxnard
88:50 but we do a lot of work on streets
88:53 and it looks to us like you could just
88:55 put a two-way bikeway right up along
88:58 the ocean side of harbor boulevard so
89:01 that folks could ride their bikes right
89:03 on up
89:04 to the hotel here and to the
89:07 hollywood beach and up to ventura harbor
89:11 and onward
89:12 you know to to the fairgrounds and
89:13 downtown ventura
89:16 and then on the victoria side there's
89:19 just a two-lane road in a very wide
89:21 right-of-way you've got the navy base
89:22 over here right now
89:24 the the west side of victoria is just
89:26 the
89:27 back side of the boat yards and we're
89:30 suggesting that it could become
89:32 a new front for some of these new
89:35 uses that we have shown might be
89:38 possible along victoria
89:40 so we made a drawing of just one way
89:42 this could happen
89:43 so instead of having a two-lane road
89:45 going right next to the harbor you could
89:47 scoot the two-lane road over you got
89:49 all kinds of room to get have a
89:53 this would be the road that would just
89:54 carry people to silver strand
89:56 you could have a low speed sort of a
89:58 like a low speed
90:00 access road just for
90:04 to create a new pleasant front
90:07 to come into the harbor you could have a
90:08 little parking some landscaping so this
90:11 edge could look like the
90:12 like the edge of a very important harbor
90:15 and not so much
90:17 like you know the back of some boat
90:18 yards and you could have
90:20 the same two-way bikeway and a walkway
90:24 leading into new uses whether it's the
90:26 new
90:28 development on the sport fishing site or
90:30 whether it's
90:31 the new fisherman's wharf development or
90:33 whether it's the
90:35 airstream uh botel operation or whatever
90:39 but it would be
90:39 a front a beautiful front rather than a
90:43 not so beautiful backside and then
90:48 on oh i'm sorry just a minute so now
90:51 everything's
90:51 okay so then one of the things we've
90:55 noticed
90:55 is that it's hard to find where you're
90:59 going here i mean i know the place very
91:01 well and i was supposed to meet some
91:02 folks down there for a little boat tour
91:04 and i couldn't find
91:05 the building they were talking about so
91:08 if i can't find it visitors are going to
91:10 get lost
91:11 so right now it's you know just
91:14 you know where do i go so what we're
91:17 suggesting
91:18 is that some clear new gateways
91:22 and some clear directional signage
91:24 actually this drawing was done
91:26 by a plan that was prepared for the
91:28 harbor quite a few years
91:30 ago but way finding some branding and
91:32 wayfinding so that you know you've
91:34 arrived
91:35 and you know where you can go to park
91:37 where you can go to find your
91:38 destination
91:39 etc and those kinds of way finding
91:43 the gateway signage and wayfinding could
91:45 happen at each of these
91:47 new little streets that brings you in so
91:50 that instead of
91:51 finding yourself just in in a bunch of
91:54 parking lots you find yourself with
91:55 clear signage that lets you know to turn
91:58 into this little street
91:59 to find all these new interesting things
92:02 so this is the last
92:03 point is so you know the obvious
92:06 question is well who pays for that
92:08 well there's a bunch of possibilities
92:13 and clearly the to pay for the
92:16 promenades
92:17 park improvements street improvements is
92:19 going to require a clear plan and some
92:21 financing strategies so and
92:25 we would point out that some of the
92:26 improvements especially at the north end
92:28 of the harbor especially
92:30 something like a landmark change to the
92:33 channel islands bridge
92:35 and the at least the beginnings of
92:37 walkways along harbor
92:39 and victoria coming down south
92:42 could really change the
92:46 allure of the harbor as a destination as
92:49 a place
92:50 for really good quality developers to
92:53 invest
92:54 some serious money in fine new
92:57 buildings and uses so we think that
92:59 could help jumpstart
93:01 the reinvestment that the harbor needs
93:03 so much
93:05 and certainly some of the improvements
93:07 like the new
93:08 wharf at fisherman's wharf some of the
93:10 walkways around fisherman's ward for the
93:12 or the x3 parcel
93:14 they could just be required as part of
93:17 that project and if there's a clear
93:18 master plan
93:19 of how those how that whole network of
93:23 walkways and bikeways and and water
93:26 taxis is supposed to work then
93:28 the harbor can require each developer to
93:30 do their part
93:31 also if the
93:35 val the the harbor is in a unique
93:38 position that the structure of their
93:39 leases
93:40 provides for them to share in
93:44 the increased revenue if the businesses
93:47 in the harbor start doing better the
93:49 heart the county
93:50 gets a piece of that action so
93:54 as the development and the activities in
93:57 the businesses become more successful
93:59 that provides some additional revenue
94:01 that the harvard could assign
94:02 to helping to pay for the construction
94:05 and the maintenance
94:06 of these kinds of connecting facilities
94:10 certainly if you have a plan you can
94:12 apply for and get
94:14 grants from loc from state and federal
94:18 uh state and federal grants there's a
94:21 lot of grants out there for active
94:23 transportation walking and biking for
94:25 economic development
94:26 for recreational facilities and if it
94:29 becomes
94:30 clear that the value of this place is
94:33 rising going to rise steadily rather
94:35 than decline steadily as it has for so
94:38 long
94:39 then the city and or the county could
94:42 determine that the property taxes
94:46 are going to be going up the sales taxes
94:49 are probably going to be going up
94:51 the transient occupancy taxes from hotel
94:54 and motel and botel businesses would be
94:57 going up
94:58 and on that basis might find it prudent
95:00 to also
95:01 invest some city funds some county funds
95:05 in enhancing the long neglected
95:07 infrastructure
95:09 of the south harbor to put it on a put
95:12 it on an even
95:13 footing with places like seabridge just
95:16 to the north
95:17 the collection up at the freeway
95:20 downtown ventura which has been steadily
95:22 improving ventura harbor
95:24 which has been steadily improving it'd
95:27 make it once again a good bet
95:29 for a reinvestment we think
95:34 susan great so this is a different
95:38 question
95:38 finally than the other ones that we've
95:40 been having so there's
95:42 lots of different ideas that david
95:44 mentioned and they're all
95:45 listed here and probably not even all of
95:46 them he mentioned
95:48 the promenade the waterfront decks with
95:50 kiosks water taxi
95:52 multi-use trail the bridge the park in
95:55 the rowing facility
95:57 along with branding and even the new
95:59 victoria avenue frontage
96:01 um so again this is just what what
96:03 things are you most excited about or
96:04 that got you most excited and i
96:06 as i was going through the q a while you
96:08 were talking there is a lot a lot of
96:09 comments about
96:10 um positive responses to the idea of
96:13 protected bike lanes
96:14 and just bike lanes in general see
96:16 somebody even talking about let's make
96:18 it go all the way to santa barbara and
96:19 extend those around let's take into
96:22 account that people are riding electric
96:23 bikes and there's lots of bikes around
96:25 lots of positive comments about the
96:27 bridge and the rowing
96:29 throwing facility as well so i'm seeing
96:31 a lot of really positive stuff there
96:34 a few comments about maybe being careful
96:35 with trees because we don't want to
96:37 block any views
96:39 so just locations of trees are so you
96:41 know of course would be something we
96:42 would consider as well or to be
96:43 considered
96:44 sure um
96:49 i'll put in a plug for the bike thing
96:51 because we work
96:52 in lots of cities in lots of places and
96:55 biking is always
96:56 a popular subject
97:01 this area is just triply blessed
97:04 with benign very gentle climate
97:09 very rarely too cold very rarely too hot
97:13 and just flat as a pancake so
97:16 i mean there's i can't imagine a better
97:18 environment for biking
97:20 and if the streets can be made safe and
97:22 comfortable and beautiful
97:24 for that activity i think we're gonna
97:26 get just a lot of people coming in from
97:30 all around and people who just decide to
97:33 spend a week here
97:35 and just leave their car parked the
97:37 whole week because it's just too fun to
97:39 bike
97:42 terrific thank you so let's give it
97:45 another
97:46 few seconds here andrew there was a lot
97:50 of choices a lot of things to think
97:51 about
97:53 looking back on the q a here and again
97:55 just seeing seeing more positive
97:56 comments to
97:57 a lot of people really like these public
97:59 improvements there's a few comments
98:00 worried about taking lanes away um on
98:03 across the some of the roadways but
98:05 in general we're seeing a lot of very
98:06 positive the only place the only place
98:09 that we
98:10 can that we showed the possibility of
98:12 taking a lane away
98:14 would be on harbor boulevard running
98:17 north of the harbor up toward ventura
98:19 uh and you know that that's an optional
98:22 thing there's other ways to get up there
98:24 on
98:24 local on little local streets running
98:26 along the beach and
98:27 nothing like that would be done without
98:29 very carefully studying it to make sure
98:31 that it wasn't going to
98:33 tie traffic up
98:37 yeah all right so um andrew let's go
98:39 ahead and oh you've already closed it
98:40 and you're sharing so
98:42 waterfront promenade which has a lot of
98:44 these different um
98:45 improvements 86 percent but you see a
98:47 lot of very positive responses to most
98:49 of these ideas
98:51 um i mentioned the rowing facility that
98:52 seemed like it was getting a lot of
98:53 comments a little
98:55 less support here but um definitely a
98:57 lot of probably the folks that
98:59 that are that know the rowing um
99:00 community are probably responding a lot
99:02 in
99:02 the q a there but 48 that's nearly 50
99:05 percent of people
99:06 on this call um are looking at that as a
99:08 positive branding
99:10 in the 60 multi-use trail the water taxi
99:12 as we heard a lot of comments coming in
99:15 um so just a lot of really positive
99:17 response to the the public improvements
99:19 and
99:20 these kinds of things really do add to
99:21 the one of the number one things people
99:23 said in that survey that they love to do
99:25 in the harbor was walking and biking and
99:27 just spending time and
99:28 these kinds of improvements definitely
99:30 would help enhance that
99:33 and it's these improvements that
99:36 make the difference between this being a
99:39 destination
99:40 place versus a bunch of nice projects
99:43 that are near each other
99:47 yeah i'm just looking at the the
99:48 question and answer i don't know um
99:50 andrew or mark are there any other
99:52 questions that you are seeing pop up
99:54 that you want to
99:55 highlight questions or comments in the q
99:57 a well
99:58 i think there there is um a
100:01 misperception about victoria
100:03 it seemed that some in the audience were
100:06 thinking that
100:07 the boater related services were going
100:10 to go away and that's just not the case
100:11 no
100:11 oh i'm sorry no i'm sorry if i gave that
100:14 impression no no no
100:15 no you didn't but i think that there was
100:18 a
100:19 well i might i might have implied that
100:21 and i apologize
100:22 the channel on his landing i mean a huge
100:24 boat yard is going nowhere it's got
100:26 its lease uh extends to i believe off
100:29 the top of my head 2054.
100:31 so that that'd still be a fence along
100:33 there but it could be nicely landscaped
100:35 and have a nice bikeway along the edge
100:37 of it
100:37 and i think david indicated or at least
100:39 we talked about you know maybe do some
100:41 dry stack there
100:42 uh provide additional space to do
100:45 something a little bit more exciting
100:46 that's a possibility but that
100:48 but that lessee would have to weigh in
100:49 on that he would have to be part of that
100:51 the launch ramp's not going anywhere the
100:53 launch ramp is going to stay there all
100:54 the parking for the launch ramp is going
100:56 to stay there so
100:57 so those boater-related services won't
100:59 won't go anywhere
101:01 um what we do see here is a lack of of
101:04 um commercial like boat boat uh
101:08 maintenance facilities and what we've
101:10 seen is that they go up land
101:12 because the rent's cheaper quite frankly
101:14 and then they when they do their
101:15 services they come down to the boats and
101:16 do their services
101:17 and that is a challenge um you know
101:20 because there is space i mean
101:21 there's space right now available for
101:23 those type of services
101:24 but i mean i think if if i ran that type
101:27 of service i'd probably go up land for
101:29 my warehousing as well
101:30 and then come down here to do the
101:32 service but but those are things we've
101:33 considered
101:34 but boating services are not going
101:36 anywhere the commercial wharf's not
101:37 going anywhere
101:39 um we may move it but it's going to stay
101:42 on on that eastern side of the harbor
101:44 and
101:45 and so this harbor will continue to
101:47 maintain
101:48 its its boating culture there's no doubt
101:50 about it we want it to be
101:53 most of what we're talking about on land
101:55 that should complement the marinas
101:58 and believe me the marinas what they
102:00 really need is some exciting
102:02 development on land to help them fill
102:04 the slips
102:05 um one person indicated that we have a
102:07 lack of slips no we don't
102:09 we have probably 75 to 80
102:12 occupancy which means we have 20 to 25
102:15 vacancy
102:16 uh as compared to up you know other
102:18 marinas particularly south of us
102:20 we have a lot of vacancy and the way to
102:23 create more occupancy
102:24 is to develop the land to make this more
102:27 of an exciting harbor
102:28 because then boat owners want to have
102:30 their boats there because it's exciting
102:32 and they want to go down to their boats
102:34 and use their boats or just hang on
102:35 their boats because it's now an exciting
102:36 harbor
102:37 it's it's all part and parcel of the
102:39 same equation
102:42 great thanks mark well again that
102:45 comments keep coming in as i look over
102:47 um so still a lot of support for the
102:49 small boats and just mark i think
102:50 reinforced that that's definitely a part
102:52 of the the whole package for sure
102:54 there are some comments about making
102:55 sure you're accommodating electric
102:57 fields maybe even neighborhood electric
102:59 vehicles
103:00 um concepts for those as well so very
103:02 important i see lots of things about
103:03 comments about dogs as well so
103:05 really making sure that we keep this
103:07 place a pet friendly location um
103:10 so um noting here that
103:13 just a comment we still have about 200
103:15 questions that are for comments that
103:16 were that are still coming in
103:18 so um just to note again that we will
103:20 have all of these
103:21 um organized and for you to look at at
103:23 the end of this word not the end of the
103:25 workshop we'll have to take some
103:26 a few a little bit of time to organize
103:28 those but they will all be
103:29 um part of this workshop summary you did
103:31 you definitely tested me this that was a
103:33 lot of questions hitting us
103:35 i think we answered according to what
103:36 i'm looking at 386 of them
103:38 but there's still 234 out there and a
103:40 lot of it was was your recommendations
103:43 and your ideas i appreciate it
103:44 and and the curt answer of thanks wasn't
103:47 because we're dismissing it
103:48 that's all the time we had to address it
103:50 but everything will be considered and
103:52 there were a lot of wonderful ideas
103:54 coming through
103:55 and um as susan indicated you know about
103:58 250 that we haven't had a chance to
104:00 answer yet but we'll definitely get to
104:01 them
104:03 all right so david you want to talk a
104:05 little bit or
104:07 something here just a minute we've got
104:09 there we go
104:10 okay there we go so what's next
104:15 so um there were questions about what
104:17 happens next and
104:18 um go ahead go to the next slide david
104:22 so this is we've shown you the top third
104:25 of the
104:25 of this flow chart um which was again
104:28 kind of created by residents and we
104:30 adopted it two years ago
104:32 and that's where the visioning comes in
104:34 but if you look at all of the different
104:36 uh pieces of this of this flowchart
104:39 you'll see there are a lot of steps to
104:40 get to an approved project
104:41 the project has to ultimately be
104:43 approved by the the coastal commission
104:46 and what we've seen is that um that the
104:48 more
104:49 agreement we have going forward it makes
104:52 it easier to get to the coastal
104:53 commission with a project
104:55 that everybody's for because the last
104:56 thing the coastal commission wants to be
104:58 as a referee
104:59 when you have a lot of opposition to
105:01 this is why we're doing this visioning
105:02 this upfront visioning
105:04 and so ultimately what this what this
105:06 visioning process will
105:08 result in is you know maybe some revive
105:11 some refined visions um for each of
105:14 these parcels
105:16 uh we've got a lot of ideas we've we had
105:18 a lot of ideas coming in we've gotten
105:20 your opinions and and input as to uh you
105:23 know about these ideas and
105:25 and we're gonna kind of as a as a
105:27 steering committee
105:28 um you know bring them together you know
105:31 talk about them
105:32 and and and end up with with a vision
105:36 you know harbor wide vision or visions
105:38 for these different developable parcels
105:40 where that we can then turn them into um
105:43 into a process where we look for
105:45 developers
105:46 and that would be the request for
105:47 proposals process and i've
105:49 assured everybody that i've talked to
105:51 and i'll assure you know you
105:53 that it will be a transparent process um
105:56 we when we when we put together requests
105:58 for proposals
106:00 we we will need to say indicate kind of
106:03 what we're looking for for each parcel
106:05 but in addition what we're not looking
106:06 for what we won't accept you know like
106:08 10 story high buildings
106:10 which you see in other harbors like
106:11 marina del rey and newport which we
106:13 don't want here we
106:14 we all agree we don't want that here um
106:17 so so
106:17 those rfps will will have those kind of
106:21 particulars in there but we will keep
106:23 the rfps
106:24 relatively broad because we don't want
106:26 to stifle
106:28 developers and we want developers to
106:30 come at us with
106:31 you know with creative ideas so so
106:34 the next step would be request for
106:37 proposals for these developable areas
106:40 some are going to be easier than others
106:42 and and some will be you know probably
106:44 more refined than others but that's
106:46 where we go next
106:47 and and hopefully you know we can get to
106:50 that rfp
106:51 process we can get developers that want
106:53 to do it because that's the key
106:54 you know we need to find developers if
106:56 we don't have developers
106:58 that are attracted to what we want to do
107:01 then we've kind of wasted our time and
107:03 as i indicated
107:04 this is an enterprise operation so if we
107:07 can't attract those private developers
107:09 to
107:09 to develop the exciting developments
107:11 which are attractive to the public
107:14 supported by the county supported by the
107:16 city of oxnard
107:17 supporting but supported by existing
107:19 harbor businesses and residents
107:21 and that meet the financial needs of the
107:23 county and the city of oxnard that we've
107:25 not accomplished our goal so that's
107:27 where we're headed
107:28 and now that would be the next steps and
107:31 again
107:32 i think we've got one more survey but
107:33 before we get there i'd like to thank
107:34 you again for your participation
107:36 and as susan indicated you can cut where
107:39 you can track the results of the
107:41 the workshop the answers to these
107:42 questions on the website which is
107:44 challenges
107:46 and we do have a final survey and i will
107:49 turn that over to susan for that survey
107:54 great so as mark as mark noted and we've
107:56 been talking about this
107:57 is just the preliminary concepts of this
108:00 larger vision plan
108:02 which is one step towards making all of
108:04 this um all of these things happen
108:06 and so we just want to get a sense um
108:07 for just basically what you've heard
108:09 tonight
108:09 how you feel about the direction that
108:12 the channel islands harbor visioning is
108:14 currently taking and so you've got
108:15 um five choices there being very
108:17 comfortable comfortable
108:19 rather neutral uncomfortable and very
108:22 uncomfortable so
108:23 just kind of getting a kind of taking a
108:25 temperature if you will from the group
108:28 um as you're taking this one i'm looking
108:30 back on a few other questions there's
108:32 still some very some very specific
108:34 parcel specific questions that we'll get
108:36 to
108:37 um some may take a little bit more
108:39 timing to answer those but those will be
108:41 there
108:41 um some folks wanting to say how can
108:43 they stay engaged and volunteer
108:45 and getting involved from that
108:46 standpoint so i'm going to pop the
108:48 website up in just a second and make
108:50 sure that you're on the list
108:51 so that anything that's going on with
108:54 this project um
108:55 from here going forward you'll get
108:57 direct information monitor and keep
108:59 keep checking on that website too
109:00 because all of the updates will be there
109:03 so definitely do that um we definitely
109:05 want to keep
109:06 keep reaching out and keep people
109:07 informed and engaged
109:09 we've got about 85 percent of folks who
109:11 have responded so i'm gonna give about
109:13 five more seconds and we'll
109:15 pop up this answer
109:20 there is a couple a few questions on
109:21 timing mark and i know that you're not
109:23 a magician you don't have a magic ball
109:25 but crystal ball i mean but
109:27 maybe you could give a sense of maybe
109:29 just even for the plan itself
109:31 or you've already talked about the rfps
109:33 but analyzing the plan
109:35 we're probably looking at and i don't
109:36 want to put a lot of pressure on you
109:37 david but i don't mind putting some
109:38 pressure on you
109:39 um you know try try to get it done
109:41 pretty quickly you know maybe within a
109:43 month and then
109:44 because what we really need is direction
109:45 to go to go out with the r
109:48 with the request for proposals and it's
109:50 it's not going to be
109:51 a plan in the sense that we're going to
109:53 say well this goes here and this goes
109:55 here and this goes here and this goes
109:56 here
109:57 it's going to be this framework of
109:59 public realm
110:01 and connectivity and then a range of
110:04 options
110:06 for the specific parcels that'll play
110:09 out
110:09 over time depending on the response and
110:12 the financing
110:13 that that that is offered and and
110:16 further
110:17 further response from the community in
110:20 in response to specific
110:21 proposals yep all right so
110:25 um andrew if you want to go ahead and
110:27 end that poll
110:29 um so you can see about 45 very
110:32 comfortable you add that to the 33 that
110:35 are comfortable
110:36 and that gives us about what 78 so
110:40 i think that am i adding right there
110:41 yeah 78 um
110:43 seem to be pretty much in favor of some
110:45 neutral and some you know some still on
110:46 the fence and that's okay we've got
110:48 you know as we move as we move deeper
110:50 into the details
110:51 that may bring some of you who have some
110:53 questions and some hesitations along and
110:55 we hopefully
110:56 we can do that um but it's it's
110:58 definitely positive to see that this
110:59 many people are feeling comfortable
111:01 um another couple of questions that were
111:03 in the
111:05 i see here at the end and we'll pop up
111:06 the next slide here and it's answered a
111:08 couple questions i see
111:10 is what if there are people who couldn't
111:11 come tonight um can they still listen to
111:14 this presentation and participate
111:16 and there will be a slide in just a
111:18 moment once we get through this
111:19 craziness that's what happened there
111:21 there we go i think that's oh yeah yeah
111:24 so i've mentioned the website several
111:26 times i just wanted to make sure that
111:28 you see that this is here
111:29 um there will be a summary report
111:31 somebody asked when the summary and when
111:32 the recording will be available
111:34 um the the recording will probably be
111:36 posted i think by tomorrow if not um
111:38 over the weekend
111:40 and it takes a little bit of time for it
111:41 to download and then we're also going to
111:43 associate a survey
111:44 an um online survey that has the same
111:47 questions that you answered
111:48 tonight that'll be associated with that
111:50 as well so we'd be asking people to
111:52 watch the presentation and then take the
111:54 survey or kind of do them
111:55 together um and then the summary report
111:58 will probably take a little bit more
111:59 time to make sure that we have all the
112:00 questions
112:01 answered and organized as well but watch
112:03 for that on the website too
112:06 that url there is we discovered as we
112:08 were making this slide is unusually hard
112:11 to read when you make it all lower case
112:13 but just it's just www dot channel
112:16 islands harbor dot org
112:19 slash visioning and you also if you just
112:22 go to the channel islands harbor
112:24 website there you it's very easy to get
112:26 to the visioning page there's kind of a
112:28 pop-up that
112:28 that comes up so can it'll drive you
112:30 there as well
112:32 so we thank you all very very much for
112:34 your time tonight
112:35 and um all your great comments all your
112:37 great thoughts and ideas and and look
112:39 forward to the next time we all get
112:42 together
112:49 thank you very much thank you

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