Channel Islands Expeditions

Channel Islands Expeditions

Services: Tours to Channel Islands and Dolphin Cruises

The Channel Islands National Park is a hidden gem off the coast that is often quite rightfully labelled as the 'Galapagos of the North.'

We host a small group of guests (up to 16) on a purpose-built boat that sails across the Santa Barbara Channel. Here we'll be on a sharp lookout for dolphins and whales as we cross an expanse that is known as one of the world's hot spots for cetacean diversity.

After an hour-long crossing, we arrive at the seldom visited shores of Anacapa Island. There we will drop 'sit-on-top' kayaks in to the water and paddle through a series of roughly hewn sea caves. Myself and a hand-picked expert guide will lead you during your adventure and will act as a naturalist for you as well.

During this tour we will kayak with the currents running down the inside coast of Anacapa Island until we reach the famous Anacapa Arch. This down-winder adventure is designed to maximize your enjoyment, though it is important to note that this is an active adventure.

This all-day tour gives our guests the opportunity to see and learn about wild California, and learn the diverse history of these incredible islands. You won't believe how close real adventure is to you. Trade in your couch for a sea kayak with Channel Islands Expeditions!