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4th of July Fireworks by the Sea at Channel Islands Harbor in Jeopardy

Fireworks by the Sea, the only 4th of July seaside fireworks show in Ventura County, might have to be cancelled due to funding issues. A fundraising effort is underway to cover half the cost of the show, estimated to be $42,500. The Channel Islands Harbor Lessees Association, a private, non-profit organization who represents Harbor businesses,…

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February 2020 Director’s Message: Event Updates

February – the month for sweethearts.  I have found that a good partner always makes life easier, which is definitely true in my case.  I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day.  As I write this we are in the midst of some significant tidal activity, which makes for high quality surfing on our local…

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Oxnard Resident Designs Celebration of the Whales Festival Poster

This year’s Celebration of the Whales Festival poster is a treat for the eyes. Local artist and graphic designer Brett Bednorz created the poster, which features northwestern tribal designs. It’s a fitting touch because the Celebration of the Whales Festival celebrates the spring migration of the gray whale from Baja California to Alaska. Bednorz has…

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