Whales Festival Chalk Artist Leaves Permanent Mark at Channel Islands Harbor

Clifton “Clif” Gold has attended each of the last four Celebration of Whales Festivals at the Channel Islands Harbor. Clif is a chalk artist who takes a 6-hour drive from the Bay Area to create a chalk art masterpiece along the festival’s .20-mile “migration trail,” a concrete path between the Farmer’s Market and Channel Islands…

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What’s on Tap for Channel Islands Harbor Events in 2024?

Channel Islands Harbor is gearing up for a year of unforgettable events in 2024. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a music lover, or someone who enjoys the magic of fireworks and holiday festivities, the Harbor has something special in store for you. Mark your calendars, plan your road trip or staycation in advance, and get…

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March 2024 Director’s Message

A flotilla of sailboats crosses the harbor against a backdrop of moored boats and palm trees

As we gear up for the summer season ahead, I wanted to highlight the exciting programs our partners and the Harbor Department have planned at the Channel Islands Harbor to connect our youth with enriching water activities. At the Harbor Department, we believe it’s important to provide opportunities for youth to engage with the ocean…

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