What Moms Want For Mother’s Day at the Channel Islands Harbor

Moms and their kids enjoying a boat tour on the harbor

Don’t let the Google or Yahoo search for “Mother’s Day gifts” fool you. Moms don’t want a fruit basket, custom coffee mugs, or a cookie bouquet – they want to spend a restful day with the family.

We asked our Facebook community about their recommendations for an ideal Mother’s Day at the Harbor. We’ve put together a list that should help you impress your Mom and make a memorable day at the Channel Islands Harbor.

Recommendation #1: Dining

This was the number one recommendation. Whether it is breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, the Harbor includes more than a dozen places for you and Mom to eat. The top picks from our online community includes:

Treat your Mother to yummy Brazilian food and amazing views from the 2nd story restaurant at Marine Emporium Landing.

Sea Fresh Channel Islands

Sea Fresh is a Harbor favorite. If your Mom has been here, she’ll continue to love you forever. If she hasn’t, why haven’t you taken her here before?

Honey Cup Coffee and Kitchen


If your Mother is a coffee person, and there’s a good chance she is, Honey Cup is the perfect place to start her perfect day. Honey Cup serves specialty organic coffee and tea drinks, smoothies, creative breakfast, lunch, baked good and gelato treats.

Toppers Pizza

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Amazing pizza, a salad bar second-to-none, oven baked sandwiches and the most unique views from a restaurant you’ve ever seen. Toppers has a little bit of everything for your Mom.

The Lookout Bar & Grill


Your Mom will love the views from the Lookout. If she’s in to casual dining and delicious drinks, this is the place to be.

Smokin’ Jays BBQ

If your Mom loves BBQ and comfort food, look no further than Smokin’ Jays.

ChannelIslandsHarbor_2018DW_5278 - reduced

The Channel Islands Certified Farmers’ Market, open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., has great shopping and dining. Treat your Mom on the spot or pick up some fresh produce and fish and cook for her at home!

Picnic lunch at the park


Eliminate the decision making process of picking a restaurant and go for the classic picnic at the park. The Harbor includes several parks with gorgeous Harbor views. What to pack for your picnic? Here’s what our online community recommends: fresh fruit, cheese, meat, wine, and mimosas.

Recommendation #2: Get on or in the water

The recommendations were clear – getting out on the water is a must. The tops picks from our community includes:

Renting an electric boat

ChannelIslandsHarbor_2018DW_4204 - Reduced

There’s just something about cruising around the Harbor on an electric boat. If you thought the landside views of the Harbor were special, just wait until you get out on the water in an electric boat. Check in with Southern California Jet Skis and Electric Boats or Hopper Boat Rentals to reserve your electric boat today!

Go to the beach


If your Mom wants to go to the beach, you take your Mom to the beach! We recommend Silver Strand or Hollywood beaches, which border the Harbor.

Whale Watching

If your Mom is in to adventure, witnessing hundreds of dolphins splashing around, and catching a glimpse of a whale, this is a must do for Mother’s Day. Island Packers and Channel Islands Whale Watching can help you make those memories!


ChannelIslandsHarbor_2018DW_5773 - Reduced

If your family owns kayaks, getting out on the water is easy with the Harbor’s great public access. If you don’t, Hopper Boat Rentals and the Channel Islands Kayak Center can get you out on the water.



Enjoy the cool ocean breeze and breathtaking views on a sailing trip in the Pacific. There’s nothing better!

Sport fishing


If your Mom is passionate about fishing, the Channel Islands Harbor has you covered. Start your fishing journey with Channel Islands Sportfishing or Hook’s Landing. 

Recommendation #3: Relaxation

There are a variety of ways to just relax at the Harbor. Here are the top suggestions.

Walk the Harbor

ChannelIslandsHarbor_2018DW_5707 - reduced

Walking around the Harbor and checking out the scenery. Take your Mom on a casual stroll around the Harbor and enjoy!

Farmers’ Market

ChannelIslandsHarbor_2018DW_5384 - Reduced

Walking around the Farmers Market. If you Mom needs some retail therapy, the Channel Islands Harbor Certified Farmers Market has you covered!

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