Channel Islands Harbor: 2019 Facebook in Review

Taking a trip down memory lane is always fun, especially when it’s at the Channel Islands Harbor. Based on your engagement (likes/comments/shares/clicks), we’ve compiled the top 10 Facebook posts from 2019 for you to enjoy and reflect.

Without further ado, check them out!

10. Tall Ship Arrives

We are one of the largest recreational Harbors in California. That means there’s plenty of boats coming in and out of the Harbor. Every year, tall ships come to the Harbor in February or March for tours and adventure sails. Check out this beautiful picture of the Hawaiian Chieftain, a tall ship based in the state of Washington!


9. Sizzling Sunrise

There’s nothing better than a sunrise or sunset at the Channel Islands Harbor. Check out this beautiful sunrise taken in September 2019 near Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club.


8. H20 Bus

There’s only one person in the Harbor who can think of turning a Duffy Electric Boat into a 1967 19-window Kombi Van. That person is Frank Laza, owner of Central Coast Electric Boats. Frank and his wife Gayle finished their passion project in 2019 and it hit the waters of the Harbor in June, just in time for some summer fun!

7. Double Rainbow!

We don’t get an extraordinary amount of rain here at the Channel Islands Harbor. However, when we do, it’s usually followed by breathtaking rainbows. Check out this amazing photo taken in January 2019.


6. Sunset at Silver Strand

Nothing beats a Ventura County sunset, especially when you’re watching it at Silver Strand Beach, one of two beaches that border the Harbor. This one caught the interest of many!


5. Kayaking Surprise

We love that so many kayakers hit the water in our Harbor. Our conditions for getting on the water are second to none. Check out this amazing video taken by one of the Harbor’s kayaking enthusiasts, Ricardo Holden.


4. Sensational Sunrise

The entire Harbor gives you an amazing front row seat to watch a sunrise. Check out this one taken on the west side of the Harbor.


3. Snow Capped Mountains

We get amazing views of the Topa Topa Mountains, north of the Channel Islands Harbor. Every now and then, a good storm comes in and dusts the mountain range. Check out this photo taken in November 2019.


2. Remembering the Conception Boat Fire Victims

September 2019 started extremely somber. Everyone was shocked to hear the news of the Conception boat fire, which took place near Santa Cruz Island. A memorial was set up just outside the U.S. Coast Guard Station Channel Islands to remember those who lost their lives aboard the vessel.


1. Conception Boat Fire

September 2, 2019 is a day we will never forget. The Ventura County Harbor Patrol transported the Ventura County Fire Department on Boat 15, a vessel both agencies share, to respond to a boat fire near Santa Cruz Island. According to reports, there were 39 people aboard Conception, a 75-foot dive boat based out of Santa Barbara Harbor. Five people, all crew members, were rescued by “Grape Escape,” a good Samaritan vessel. Multiple agencies, led by the U.S. Coast Guard, also responded to the incident.


Overall, it’s been a fun year for our Facebook community. If you didn’t know we had a Facebook page, here’s your chance to follow along. Click here to visit our page.