Channel Islands Harbor – Facebook in Review 2021

‘Tis the season to reflect on the past year at the Channel Islands Harbor. As you know, we strive to provide you information on Harbor businesses, news, learning opportunities, and our beautiful scenery. Many of you capture pictures and videos and allow us to repost your experiences (THANK YOU!). Based on your engagement (likes/comments/shares/clicks), we’ve compiled the top 10 Facebook posts from 2021 for you to enjoy and reflect.

Without further ado, check them out!

10. Soak Up the Sun!

December’s weather started off mild, then it quickly cooled down and we got plenty of rain. On a cold mid-December day, we spotted some sea lions soaking up the warmth of the sun. One lucky kayaker enjoyed the show they were putting on! Classic!

9. Silent Night

The holidays are lit at the Harbor – lit up with lights, that is. Visiting the Harbor during the day is always a treat, but night time is even more special in December when boats are decorated with lights. This great picture was captured by one of our lucky visitors. Great shot!

8. Orca Sighting

Whale watching season kicks off in mid-December and runs through April each year. On your tour, there’s a great chance you will see Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Finback Whales and Gray Whales. But this picture, captured in mid-December, is rare. That’s because this photographer captured a pod of Orcas, which doesn’t happen every year. We’ve seen photos as late as this week of the Orcas. There’s a chance if you go whale watching soon, one of our whale watching businesses will help you find the Orcas!

7. Request for Proposal for the Whale’s Tail Restaurant Property

Many longtime residents and visitors can remember visiting the Whale’s Tail Restaurant. It was known for its great food and gorgeous views. While the building has been vacant for some time, the Ventura County Harbor Department issued a Request for Proposal in August 2021 to solicit new plans for the restaurant. Keep visiting this website for more details on this process.

6. New England Ship to Call Channel Islands Harbor Home

The Channel Islands Harbor has a rich maritime history. In years past, beautiful tall ships visit on a periodic basis and treated visitors to cruises and on-board tours. Things are about to change. The Channel Islands Harbor will now be home to the Mystic Cruzar, thanks the generosity of Roger and Sarah Chrisman of Montecito. The ship was recently purchased by the Chrismans and is on its way to the Harbor. Once the ship arrives, the Chrismans will set up a program through their non-profit Central Coast Ocean Adventures to allow the public and youth to tour the ship and learn about the history and science of sea trade. The ship will also travel to the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum and offer tours.

5. Surprise Visitors

Every now and then, dolphins will grace the Harbor waters. It’s a heart pounding moment when you see them because it’s rare. It’s even better when you are close enough to catch a great video. This video is definitely a vibe (just listen to the music coming from the boat).

4. Orca Sighting!

There’s nothing better than seeing a pod of Orcas just off of the Ventura County Coast. While rare, it happens from time to time. This great video was captured by a crew member of Aloha Sportfishing.

3. 805 Night Market

There was plenty of buzz surrounding the first ever 805 Night Market. The open-air market, held on September 11, 2021, was aimed at families and foodies and featured entertainment, food, merchandise, live entertainment, and more. Thousands of people from as far as Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida came to the event. It was a night to remember!

2. Whale Sighting in the Harbor

People were in awe in February 2021 when a whale was spotted in the Harbor. Perhaps this whale new the Celebration of the Whales Festival takes place in March and was making an early appearance.


Okay. As we’ve said before, dolphins in the Harbor come in from time to time. But this video, captured in September 2021, is a gift. We had to take the sound out because of the verbal reaction of the visitor who captured the video. (We will leave it to your imagination)

Overall, it’s been a fun year at the Harbor and for our Facebook community. If you didn’t know we had a Facebook page, here’s your chance to follow along. Click here to visit our page.

Editor’s Note: this story was published on December 30, 2021.