Harbor Encourages 4th of July Visitors to Throw Away Trash

Harbor 4th of July visitors will have a variety of options to make sure they can throw away their trash during the event and before they leave.

Measures are being implemented by the Ventura County Harbor Department’s maintenance team to help minimize waste being left behind after the annual 4th of July event, Fireworks by the Sea. In years past, the celebration has attracted thousands of visitors and has created a situation on July 5th where the Harbor is left in poor condition due to the trash left behind which is made worse by birds scavenging. To make matters worse, loose trash can end up in Harbor waters if it is windy.

Measures include:

  • Placing 40-yard roll-off containers in high traffic areas. (Locations include: Harbor View Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Pelican Way)
  • Placing an additional 50 cardboard trashcans throughout the Harbor


Visitors who have to throw away trash are encouraged to utilize the roll off bins if garbage cans placed throughout the Harbor are full or take their trash home. Regular garbage cans fill up fast. If garbage bags are left outside the garbage cans, seagulls can rip the bags and create a larger mess.

“We love all the visitors who come to celebrate the 4th of July with us,” said Mark Sandoval, Harbor Director. “The only thing we ask is – please pick up your trash and throw it away or take it home.”

Sandoval said the Harbor Department’s maintenance crew and staff will still be hard at work on July 4the and July 5th to make sure the Harbor is kept in pristine condition.

“We know the Harbor will not be in perfect condition after the event, but staff works hard to minimize the impact,” Sandoval said.

On July 5th, the Harbor Department has obtained work crews from the Ventura County Probation Department for additional help. In addition, the Harbor Department’s maintenance team will be fully staffed for the holiday weekend and Harbor businesses and marinas wake up early to begin cleanup.