June 2020 Director’s Message

Just when we thought the world could get no worse, our Country is getting ripped apart because a police officer, and potentially three of his peers, killed a man during an arrest in Minnesota, an action that garnered nearly universal agreement that a murder had indeed occurred.  It understandably opened existing wounds, and we pray this tragedy will lead to improvements in the governance and policing of our Country, but the destruction obviously must stop.  This on top of a destructive, invisible virus which is still out there, and threatens a second wave of infections.  As I mentioned last month, I hope and pray that this scourge has not impacted the health of you or your loved ones.

Reopening the Harbor

With regards to COVID-19, this past month was a positive month in that most of the effort regarding the virus has been geared towards slowly and carefully re-opening businesses.  In the Harbor, nearly every business has been re-opened, albeit under restrictive operating protocols which keep employees and patrons safer, but also reduces the profitability of our local businesses.

In addition, we have re-opened most of the open public spaces, including the beaches and parks, as well as most adjoining parking lots.  We have witnessed beach crowds which have rarely been seen on our Harbor beaches, but by and large, most beachgoers are practicing appropriate social distancing.  The launch ramp and waters of the Harbor have been extremely busy as well, as people understandably need an escape from the necessary restrictions imposed by this virus.

Staycation With Us

Since most family vacations are likely cancelled, I recommend that you take advantage of what the Channel Islands Harbor has to offer.  Try a “staycation” and visit the Harbor – rent water toys and family boats, eat at our Harbor restaurants, most of which have outdoor dining where you can enjoy our wonderful Harbor, get on the water to fish or visit the islands, or even stay at the Hampton Inn where you can enjoy waterside living, even if it is only for a short stay.  The Harbor businesses can really use your patronage, and I am sure our Harbor has adventures to offer that are new to everyone.

I do want to mention that I believe we live in the best county in California.  While I have not lived in every county, I have lived in three different counties in the last seven years.  Ventura County and the cities within the County do a fantastic job taking care of the residents.  You see that more than ever during crises, and unfortunately we have had more than our share in the past few years.  By nearly any measure, Ventura County is the place to live, and a lot of credit goes to the government agencies running the show.

Please continue to abide by the “Stay Well” orders, continue to practice social distancing, but get out and safely enjoy our Harbor now more than ever.  We will get through this together and come out stronger.

As always, live every day to the fullest.

Mark Sandoval, Harbor Director
Ventura County Harbor Department

Editor’s Note: this message was published on June 4, 2020.