Reminder: 2020 Fireworks by the Sea Canceled this 4th of July

As a reminder, the annual Fireworks by the Sea fireworks show at the Channel Islands Harbor will not take place this Fourth of July.

Ventura County Harbor Department Director Mark Sandoval said the cancellation of the show was related to funding shortfalls and the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision to cancel the show was made in March 2020 and an announcement was distributed at that time.

“Unfortunately, fundraising and planning for a festive event in the throes of this worldwide disaster was definitely not the right thing to do,” Sandoval said at the time. “We should all be focusing on what we can do to help our neighbors and neighboring businesses to survive during this frightening pandemic.”

While the fireworks show is canceled, people who visit the Channel Islands Harbor will be able to participate in a variety of recreational activities and Harbor-front dining opportunities. All visitor-serving Harbor businesses will be open.

For a full list Harbor businesses, please visit:

Director Sandoval said the cancellation, while unfortunate, should not be seen as an opportunity for residents or visitors to make their own show.

“We want to remind the public that fireworks, including the Safe and Sane type which are legally sold in some cities, are illegal in and around the Harbor and usage will not be tolerated, particularly in this time of heightened fire risk,” Director Sandoval cautioned. “Please refrain from setting off fireworks, as they are illegal in Oxnard and disruptive to residents and pets. The use or possession could result in a significant fine.”